Comprehensive Driver’s Education Is Now Required When Renewing Your Driver’s License

Back in December 2008, it was reported that out of 9,000 motorcycle riders who took the traffic safety exam, only seven managed to pass. The exam was conducted by the Motorcycle Philippines Federation (MCPF) and their purpose was determine if the increasing number of motorcycle riders in the country also possess the needed knowledge to keep themselves and other motorists safe. The results were, to put it bluntly, sad. And we’re only talking about motorcycle riders. How about drivers of private vehicles, public utility vehicles, trucks, ambulances, and, oh well, even train operators. How do we know that our roads and highways are safe from abusive and discourteous drivers and motorists who are plainly ignorant of road safety and defensive driving?

The new requirement for drivers who are renewing their licenses to take the Comprehensive Driver’s Education (CDE) may not exactly be the answer to my question but I would like to take it as the LTO’s effort to make driver’s license acquisition a bit more stringent. This means that until the driver passes the course and is awarded a CDE certificate, his or her driver’s license will not be renewed.

The CDE is free of charge (for those who’s eyebrows are starting to raise). It can be taken online through the LTO’s Land Transportation Management System portal (LTMS) or at any of the LTO Driver’s Education Centers (if you do not have stable internet connection). I will publish a separate blog on how you can create an account at the LTMS so you can maximize the benefits of transacting with LTO online. Watch out for that.

The CDE is now being conducted with respect to a provision in RA 10930 (act rationalizing and strengthening the policy regarding driver’s license renewal). Other salient points included in the RA that will be implemented beginning today, October 28, 2021 are:

  • The LTO will now issue driver’s licenses that are valid for 10 years.
  • The 10-year DL validity is rewarded to drivers who have faithfully obeyed traffic rules and have an impeccable record.
  • Drivers with traffic violations will only be given the usual 5-year valid DL.
  • First-time applicants with student permits will also be given the usual 5-year valid DL.

Are you renewing your driver’s license any time soon? Maybe it’s a good idea to brush up on driver’s ed as early as now.

See you all again tomorrow. Safe travels!


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2 thoughts on “Comprehensive Driver’s Education Is Now Required When Renewing Your Driver’s License

  1. When I inquired regarding the 15 hours theoretical driving lesson in YMCA Baguio they informed me that it is only for indigents I thougjt it was free for all who are interested to get a student driving permit

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