How To File Labor-related Inquiries Online

Are you experiencing unfair treatment at work but not sure how you can seek assistance from DOLE because of the pandemic? Or maybe you are an employer and need some advice on how to handle complex labor issues with your workforce. Worry no more.

Workers and employers in Metro Manila can now file their labor-related inquiries through the DOLE-NCR e-Filing services. Good news, right?

For most of us who didn’t know (including me!), DOLE-NCR launched the electronic filing system a few month after the nationwide lockdown in 2020 (June 2020 to be exact). It was DOLE’s way of providing a channel for workers and employers to still be able to reach out to their NCR office in spite of the limitations in our movements and lack of public transportation.

Filing an inquiry through the e-Filing Services is free of charge and is available to anyone who has internet connection. The transactions you can do through the portal include:

  • Fill out forms
  • Submit applications or monitoring reports
  • Request permits and certifications
  • Submit other DOLE-related documents

How to use the electronic filing facility:

  1. Access the system at the DOLE-NCR’s official website at or at
  2. Once accessed, you may select from 11 e-Filing Services available on the site:
    1. Request for assistance
    2. Request for Certificate of Involuntary Separation for SSS
    3. Registration of Establishment under Rule 1020
    4. Registration of Job, Service Contractor, Subcontractor (D.O. 174-17)
    5. Construction Safety and Health Program Application (simplified)
    6. Construction Safety and Health Program Application (comprehensive)
    7. Request for Technical Safety Inspection
    8. Annual Medical Report
    9. Report of Safety Organization
    10. Application for DOLE Clearance (Certificate of No Pending Case)
    11. Application for DOLE Clearance (Certificate of No Pending Case on Child Labor)
  3. The online form is a Google document; therefore, you will need a Gmail account to access this.
  4. You may attach or upload documents to support your application.
  5. DOLE shall get in touch with you through your registered email address, landline number, or mobile number. Make sure you provide working contact information so you do not miss their updates on your inquiry or application.

Some reminders:

  • You may file your inquiries and applications online any time but the DOLE is only able to attend to submitted -documents from 8AM to 5PM. Be patient and wait until they get in touch with you.
  • For grave labor cases needed thorough review and discussions, you may have to call their hotline or visit a DOLE office.



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