ECC Benefits For Employees Who Got Infected With COVID-19

This year, the DOLE announced that COVID-19 is a compensable work-related disease and Pinoy workers who had been infected with the dreaded virus shall receive compensation from the government through the ECC (Employees’ Compensation Commission).

There are a lot of salient points that can be discussed from this topic and I would like to start off with what I think are the most important: the benefits that we can claim from the EC Program, if and when, we get infected.

Read on:

  1. Loss of Income Benefits

The EC defines this as Temporary Total Disability or a type of sickness benefit that is processed by the SSS or GSIS (for private and government employees, respectively).

2. Medical Reimbursement

Out of pocket expenses medical expenses shall be reimbursed to the member-patient upon approval of the SSS or GSIS. This may be filed as a sickness claim at the EC.

3. Death and Funeral Benefits

Should the member-patient die because of COVID-19, his or her beneficiaries may file and claim death and funeral benefits with the EC.

4. EC Cash Assistance

This is an additional benefit given to employees or their beneficiaries. This is processed directly at the office of the ECC as soon as the SSS or GSIS send their approval for the claim.

To get more information about Employees’ Compensation claims and other benefits, you may visit their Facebook page at


National Wages and Productivity Commission

Employees Compensation Commission


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