UMID Card Application Resumes At SSS

Good news! You may now file your UMID application at SSS branches after being put on hold because of the pandemic. The SSS actually began accepting applications last September 27, 2021. If you haven’t yet, now is the time to prepare your application requirements so you can finally get your very own UMID (Unified Multipurpose ID).

See the application process and requirements below:

  1. Where do I file my UMID application?
    • You may file at SSS branches following the prevailing policies and procedures in handling branch transactions; or
    • You may file online through your My.SSS account. You can set an appointment for biometric data capture at your preferred SSS branch.
    • If you applied online for an SSS number beginning December 10, 2020, you do not need to fill out a UMID card application form. You may go straight to setting an appointment for biometric data capture through the Appointment System in your My.SSS account. However, you may still opt to file for manual UMID card application at SSS branches/services and foreign offices.
  2. What do I need to bring when applying for UMID?
    • 1 copy of a duly accomplished UMID application form. You may download the application form at the SSS website.
    • One primary valid ID or two secondary valid IDs.
      • Valid IDs:
        • Social Security card
        • Passport
        • Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) card
        • Seaman’s Book
      • Secondary valid IDs:
        • Bank account passbook
        • Company ID card
        • Credit cards
        • Driver’s License
        • Firearm License
        • ID cards issued by LGUs (Barangay/Municipality/City)
        • PSA marriage certificate
        • NBI Clearance
        • PhilHealth ID card
        • Police Clearance
        • Postal ID
        • Senior Citizen ID
        • TIN card
        • Voter’s ID
    • Personal protective equipment such as face mask and face shield, alcohol or sanitizers. Bring your own pen too.

You can check the SSS branches that are open for appointment setting at the SSS Facebook page.

Stay safe and healthy, folks!



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4 thoughts on “UMID Card Application Resumes At SSS

  1. Pano po pag may file na po ako ng UMID ID pero hanggang ngayon po wala pa din po ako narerecieve. 2 years na po ngayon simula nung nag file ako. Every time na magfofollow up po ako sa SSS branch po dito sa Cabanatuan palagi po nilang sinasabi na wala pa din daw po

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