How To Set An Appointment For Step 2 Registration Of The PhilSys ID

I have successfully set an appointment for step 2 of my PhilSys ID application. The website is user-friendly, easy to read and understand, and can even be edited if you need to update or change any information you have submitted.

If you have not yet taken “Step 1” of the registration process, now is the time to do it. I took some screen-shots of my registration and decided to make a full blog about it — hope this helps 🙂

Read on.

  1. Log on to the PhilSys online registration platform at Read the welcome message carefully and then click on the Proceed button.

2. Enter a working mobile number or email address where you can receive the one-time password to gain access to the registration page. This will be sent to you immediately after you enter the number or email so standby for it.

3. Key in the OTP code sent to your mobile or email. I used my mobile number and I got a 6-digit code (all numbers).

4. After another captcha check, you will be taken to the online application form. Fill out the form and double-check for spellings and dates. You will be asked to provide your PRESENT and PERMANENT address. Later on, you will be shown the list of Step 2 venues that are within the vicinity of your PRESENT address.

5. When done filling out the form, click on the NEXT button to book your appointment for Step 2. Simply scroll down to see all venues that are within the vicinity of your address.

6. Choose the venue where you would like to have your biometrics captured by ticking the button on the left side of the venue and click Choose Schedule.

7. You will be shown all the available dates and time and all you need to do is choose your preferred schedule and confirm, as shown below.

8. And your appointment is confirmed!

Important Reminders:

a. You will be given an appointment reference number for your appointment — this will appear on your screen and you can download it as a pdf file and print later on. The same will also be sent to your registered email address so, check that out too.

b. You can change the information in your application form (I changed my permanent address after I’ve set an appointment and it went well). Just log back in to the website, provide the same mobile number or email address you provided earlier, and you will be taken to your account. You can change your information up to three days before your appointment date.

What to bring during the Step 2 registration:

  1. Appointment Reference Number
  2. Appointment Slip
  3. Original copy of supporting documents. To see the list requirements, check out my blog What Documents and IDs Are Needed To Get A PhilSys National ID?
  4. Basic personal protective equipment (face mask, face shields, alcohol or sanitizer.
  5. Bring your own pen.

I am not sure if they will accommodate walk-in applicants so I strongly recommend that you let every member of the family register to this site.

I hope these information helped! If you have any questions, send me a private message at the Master Citizen’s Facebook page:

Stay safe and healthy, everyone!


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