The SSS Annual Confirmation Of Pensioners Program (ACOP) Resumes This Month

Are you an SSS pensioner or a beneficiary of a deceased SSS pensioner?

The ACOP (Annual Confirmation Of Pensioners Program) resumes this month (October 2021) after being put on hold last year. The suspension of the ACOP was extended several times due to the changing quarantine restrictions. Last month, the SSS announced the resumption of the program and the guidelines on its implementation was made available today.

I am sharing the salient points of Circular No. 2021-010 from the SSS, hoping this can help you better understand the roll-out of the ACOP starting this month.

Read on.

  1. October 2021 until March 31, 2022 – ACOP schedule for the following:
    • Retirement pensioners (residing abroad)
    • Total disability survivor pensioners as well as their dependents (minor/incapacitate) children and guardian
    • Pensioners who have already complied with the ACOP for CY 2021 shall no longer be required to resubmit their compliance per above-cited deadline.
  2. The following pensioner types shall start on April 1, 2022 and shall follow the usual schedule of compliance as prescribed by the SSS:
Type of PensionerSchedule of Compliance
a. Retirement pensioner residing abroadMonth of birth of the pensioner
b. Total disability pensionerMonth of birth of the pensioner
c. Survivor pensionerMonth of birth of the deceased member
d. Dependent (minor/incapacitated) with guardianMonth of birth of the member/deceased member

3. Suspension of pension:

  • Pensioners who do not comply with the resumption of ACOP until March 31, 2022 shall be automatically suspended in April 2022 (effective May 2022 pension).
  • Starting April 1, 2022, the pensions of pensioners who do not comply with the usual ACOP schedule shall be automatically suspended.
  • The pension shall be suspended for two months after the month of birth of the member/deceased member.
  • A notification on the suspension of pension due to non-compliance with the ACOP shall be sent to the affected pensioners through text message, email, or letter, whichever is applicable.

The ACOP may be accomplished in five different ways depending on the pensioner’s condition or location:

  1. Corporate email of the following (using standard subject line):
    • SSS Branch Office:
      • Member Services Section or
      • Medical Evaluation Section, for total disability pensioners;
    • SSS Service Office
    • SSS Foreign Representative Office and
    • OFW Contact Services Section, for pensioners residing abroad.
  2. Video conference via Microsoft Teams, for pensioners residing abroad, through the OFW Contact Service Section.
  3. Mail or courier addressed to any of the following:
    • SSS Branch Office
    • SSS Foreign Representative Office or
    • OFW Contact Service Section
  4. Designated drop box of the SSS Branch/Service Office for pensioners or pensioners representatives, particularly in the case of retirement/survivor pensioners who opt to submit physical documents for ACOP compliance.
  5. Conduct of Domiciliary Medical Service (DMS) or home visit, upon request of the total disability pensioner residing in the Philippines.

If you wish to view the actual circular released by the SSS, just click this link: Circular No. 2021-010.

If you have further questions about ACOP, you may reach out to the SSS via their Facebook page at I noticed that they respond faster when you post a question as a comment than when you send them a direct email.

I hope this article helped. See you again tomorrow! Stay safe.



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