How To Get A Comprehensive Driver’s Education Certificate

Every driver wanting to renew his or her license will now have to take the Comprehensive Driver’s Education (CDE) and pass it. And by “pass” they mean you have to be able to earn the certificate before your license renewal application is processed. Flunk it and you sit in the passenger seat. What is theContinue reading “How To Get A Comprehensive Driver’s Education Certificate”

Comprehensive Driver’s Education Is Now Required When Renewing Your Driver’s License

Back in December 2008, it was reported that out of 9,000 motorcycle riders who took the traffic safety exam, only seven managed to pass. The exam was conducted by the Motorcycle Philippines Federation (MCPF) and their purpose was determine if the increasing number of motorcycle riders in the country also possess the needed knowledge toContinue reading “Comprehensive Driver’s Education Is Now Required When Renewing Your Driver’s License”

How To Schedule Your Visit To Baguio City Via The Baguio Visita Website

On October 25, 2021, the mayor of Baguio announced that they will once again open the city to tourists from other regions. Back in August, Baguio closed its borders and only welcomed essential travels as COVID-19 cases spiked for several weeks. If you are wondering what you need to accomplish to visit the City ofContinue reading “How To Schedule Your Visit To Baguio City Via The Baguio Visita Website”

How To Use The SSS e-Learning Portal

One thing they probably do not teach in school (at least not during my time) are the different benefits we can gain from government agencies like the SSS, Pag-IBIG, and PhilHealth. I only learned about these three when I started working as I was required to submit my SSS and Pag-IBIG numbers. PhilHealth, on theContinue reading “How To Use The SSS e-Learning Portal”

How To File Labor-related Inquiries Online

Are you experiencing unfair treatment at work but not sure how you can seek assistance from DOLE because of the pandemic? Or maybe you are an employer and need some advice on how to handle complex labor issues with your workforce. Worry no more. Workers and employers in Metro Manila can now file their labor-relatedContinue reading “How To File Labor-related Inquiries Online”

What Are Included In The PhilHealth COVID-19 Home Isolation Package?

I wrote about this topic a few weeks back and would like to update our community with more specific details of this PhilHealth benefit. I have a friend who contracted COVID-19 recently (she’s not vaccinated); her bill, after she was declared COVID-free, was at roughly around Php 500K. She said that PhilHealth covered majority ofContinue reading “What Are Included In The PhilHealth COVID-19 Home Isolation Package?”

Important Guidelines When Applying For A UMID Card At SSS Branches

While the Social Security System (SSS) has once again opened its doors for UMID card applicants, the public is still strongly advised to observe strict health and safety protocols when visiting SSS branches. Here are the guidelines of the SSS when visiting their branches for UMID card applications: Members may file their UMID application formsContinue reading “Important Guidelines When Applying For A UMID Card At SSS Branches”

Passport Applications And Renewals: All You Need To Know

Since we are on the topic of passport applications and renewals, I decided to collect all of the important facts and guidelines from the DFA and dedicate a blog for it. I, too, need to have my passport renewed and everyday I would visit the DFA website hoping to be able to get an appointment.Continue reading “Passport Applications And Renewals: All You Need To Know”