List Of PhilHealth Benefits For COVID-19 Patients

The Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) extends the following benefits and assistance to PhilHealth members stricken by the COVID-19 virus. It is good to have this in your records (bookmark it, screenshot, or share with family and friends for awareness) as a reference.

Read on.

  1. Testing
    • RT-PCR: Php 901 to Php 3,409
    • Cartridge-based PCR: Php 1,059 to Php 2,287
    • The above apply to patients that need to be tested for COVID-19 with respect to the guidelines set by the DOH.
  2. Home Isolation
    • Php 5,917
    • This applies to ASYMPTOMATIC patients and patients exhibiting MILD symptoms and passed the social criteria set by PhilHealth.
  3. Community Isolation
    • Php 22,449
    • This applies to the isolation of patients in community isolation units, based on the guidelines set by the DOH.
  4. In-patient Care
    • Mild Pneumonia – Php 43,997 (Levels 1 to 3)
    • Moderate Pneumonia – Php 143,267 (Levels 1 to 3 hospitals)
    • Severe Pneumonia – Php 333,519 (Levels 2 to 3 hospitals)
    • Critical Pneumonia – Php 786,384 (Levels 2 to 3 hospitals)
    • The above apply to patients that are confirmed to be COVID-19 positive and are hospitalized.
  5. Vaccine Injury Compensation
    • Php 100,000
    • For PhilHealth members that were hospitalized or are permanently disabled or died due to serious side-effects of a COVID-19 vaccine administered to them.

These information were lifted from the PhilHealth’s Facebook page. For more information about PhilHealth’s coverage for COVID-19 cases, you may visit their Facebook page and post your questions or send them a direct message.



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