List Of Documentary Requirements For First-time Passport Applicants

Are you applying for a Philippine passport for the very first time? Here are the IDs and documents you need to prepare to make sure that your trip to the DFA is not wasted (especially now when our movements are restricted because of the pandemic):


A. Core Requirements

  1. Confirmed online appointment
  2. Personal appearance
  3. Accomplished application form
  4. Original and photocopy of PSA birth certificate
    • Married female applicants who are using their spouse’s last name must also present an original and photocopy of her PSA marriage certificate or Report of Marriage (if the PSA marriage certificate is unavailable).
    • The LCR copy may be presented if the PSA birth certificate is not clear or cannot be read.
  5. Bring the original and a photocopy of any of the valid IDs found in this list.

B. Supporting Documents

There are special cases when the DFA may require the applicant to present other documents such as when the applicant’s birth was registered late, or the applicant does not have a birth certificate, or if the female applicant who was previously married wants to use her maiden last name on her passport after her marriage has been dissolved (by divorce or annulment). If your PSA birth certificate has discrepancies such as incorrect spelling of name, inaccurate details on your month and year of birth, and problems with the entries on your parents’ names and other details.

I will feature each of these cases in my succeeding blogs so please keep following and sharing the Master Citizen.

Take note that all the information featured in today’s blog were lifted directly from the website of the DFA.

See you again tomorrow!


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