Two Ways To Renew Your NBI Clearance

Your NBI clearance is good for one year from the date it was issued. There are two ways you can renew it, depending on the urgency of your need for one. Read this. Renew via the NBI CLEARANCE QUICK RENEWAL. No online appointment necessary No need to visit an NBI Clearance Center to claim yourContinue reading “Two Ways To Renew Your NBI Clearance”

Tips When Visiting An NBI Branch For Your NBI Clearance

Now that you have successfully set an appointment with the NBI, you are all set to finish the last step in getting your NBI clearance (assuming you are, indeed, clear 🙂 ) To those who are visiting my page just now, you can read the complete step-by-step procedure on how to set an appointment withContinue reading “Tips When Visiting An NBI Branch For Your NBI Clearance”

Updated Guide On How To Get An NBI Clearance 2021

Do you need an NBI clearance but not sure how to go about the process because of the ever-changing quarantine protocols? I checked the latest updates right on the NBI website and I am sharing my research here today. Take note that like a lot of other government agencies and offices, the NBI now requiresContinue reading “Updated Guide On How To Get An NBI Clearance 2021”

List Of PhilHealth Benefits For COVID-19 Patients

The Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) extends the following benefits and assistance to PhilHealth members stricken by the COVID-19 virus. It is good to have this in your records (bookmark it, screenshot, or share with family and friends for awareness) as a reference. Read on. Testing RT-PCR: Php 901 to Php 3,409 Cartridge-based PCR: PhpContinue reading “List Of PhilHealth Benefits For COVID-19 Patients”

Can A COVID-19 Positive Member Claim Sickness Benefits From The SSS?

This question is raised more than a dozen times on the SSS’ Facebook page. Based on my observation, a lot of SSS members are unaware of the details involved when filing sickness benefits, especially if the patient is COVID-19 positive. I lifted the answers straight from the SSS Facebook page. I hope this helps shedContinue reading “Can A COVID-19 Positive Member Claim Sickness Benefits From The SSS?”

SSS Sickness And Maternity Benefits: Your Employers’ Legal Obligations

Contributing to the SSS alone does not guarantee a smooth and hassle-free benefits-claiming process. Believe it or not, your employer has a significant role in making sure that you are able to claim and use your SSS privileges right when you need it. Today’s feature will focus on two very important SSS benefits that involveContinue reading “SSS Sickness And Maternity Benefits: Your Employers’ Legal Obligations”

Pinoy Traveler’s Guide On Philippine Departure Procedures

Yesterday, I featured the guidelines when arriving on Philippine soil whether as a balik-bayan, an OFW, or a foreign national. Today, my blog will focus on departure procedures that you need to comply with to avoid delays and denials at the airport. These shall be in effect until further notice or while there is stillContinue reading “Pinoy Traveler’s Guide On Philippine Departure Procedures”

Balikbayan’s Guide On Arrival And Quarantine Procedures In The Philippines

The pandemic changed the way we travel, whether within the Philippines or abroad. We no longer just hop on a plane and fly away to our destinations and then come back all tanned and tired, straight to our homes. Things are so very, very different now. They say that boarding your plane now feels likeContinue reading “Balikbayan’s Guide On Arrival And Quarantine Procedures In The Philippines”