COVID-19 Home Isolation Benefit Package Services For PhilHealth Members

Did you know that the Philhealth offers benefit packages for COVID-19 patients who are quarantined at home? Yes, they do!

I lifted the salient points of the circular from PhilHealth’s website for our easy reference. If you want to see the actual document from PhilHealth, you may click this link.

Annex F: COVID-19 Home Isolation Benefit Package Services:

Mandatory Service

a. Minimum 10-day home isolation consultations*

  • Physician consultation, at least twice for the duration of isolation; initial consult must be done face-to-face
  • Succeeding consultation may be done face-to-face or through teleconsultation**

b. 24/7 daily monitoring of clinical and supportive care by a nurse may be done through teleconsultation***

c. Provision of home isolation kit which contains 1L 70% alcohol, 5 pieces face mask, 1 thermometer, 1 pulse oximeter, drugs, and medicines (18 pieces Paracetamol, 12 pieces Lagundi tablets or equivalent, 6 sachets oral rehydration salts, 10 pieces Ascorbic Acid, 10 pieces Vitamin D and zinc), consent form (Annex K)****

*Except in case of transfer due to deterioration or mortality and based on discharge criteria from applicable guidelines adopted by DOH.

**In case of teleconsultation, the patient shall be required to sign a Consent Form and shall be submitted to PhilHealth as additional claim requirement.

***Teleconsultations may be done through any of the following: telephone call, cellphone or internet using Messenger, Viber, Zoom, and other applications.

****Home Isolation Kit shall be provided to the patient during initial consult.

Other Services

a. Patient Education

  • How to use pulse oximeter
  • Signs and symptoms to watch out for
  • Proper doses and when to use drugs and medicines
  • Waste disposal and infection control
  • Others as needed

b. Patient referral to a higher level facility and patient support while for transfer.


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