How to Apply for an SSS Number Online

The Social Security System is truly stepping up its game it terms of making SSS more accessible to the public. I admire them for the effort and genius of making things work remotely for their members and soon-to-be members especially now that we are on our third ECQ in Metro Manila.

Good news to all those who have yet to apply for their SSS numbers! You can now apply for your number and submit the required documents online. This is a great help to individuals who are applying for an SSS number for the first time (fresh graduates, first-time job seekers, kasambahays, family drivers, etc.) What’s more, you can create your My.SSS account immediately after you are given your SSS number. Having your own My.SSS account allows you to transact with the SSS (apply for loans and other privileges, file claims, etc.) remotely. So convenient, right?

Read on for the step-by-step process of applying for an SSS number online (the following were lifted directly from the SSS’ Facebook page):

  1. Go to the SSS website at and click the bottom panel that says: “No SS Number Yet? SS Number Online Application Apply Now!”
  2. Read the step-by-step guide then click “Start”.
  3. Encode all the required fields in the Phase 1 of the Registration process. Tick the box beside “I’m not a robot” then click the small box below it to certify that the encoded information are true and correct. Click “Submit”.
  4. The applicant will receive an email containing the link directing to the Phase 2. You need to click the link and accomplish your application in 5 calendar days, otherwise, the link will expire and you will have to start from the beginning again.
  5. Upon clicking the link, you will be taken the page where you will be asked to provide the following:
    • Basic Information (name, date of birth, etc.)
    • Contact information
    • Home address
    • Purpose of Registration
      • For employment
      • Self-employment
      • Overseas Filipino Worker
      • Non-working spouse
  6. After accomplishing the member’s data page, you will be taken to the UMID ATM details page and User ID for your My.SSS account. Make sure to write down the usernames, passwords, and other important details you provide the system so you do not forget. Click proceed.
  7. In the following page, you will choose one supporting document from the list of documents accepted by SSS. Acceptable documents and IDs are:
    • PSA Birth Certificate
    • In the absence of a birth certificate, the following may be submitted:
      • Baptismal Certificate
      • Driver’s License
      • Passport
      • Professional Regulation Commission card
      • Seaman’s Book
  8. Select one type of supporting document to be uploaded, then browse and upload the file requested. Once uploaded, click “Submit”. Make sure you attach a readable colored image of PDF with a maximum file size of 2MB.
  9. If the applicant chooses to proceed with the registration without submitting any documentary requirement, a notification box will appear informing the member that the submission of documents may be done through the My.SSS account (Online Member Data Change request – Simple Correction), which shall be created after securing an SSS number. Click “yes”, then click “submit”
  10. The applicant may now print or download the E-1/E-6, transaction number slip, and SS number slip.
  11. The applicant will then receive two emails: one confirming the SS number Online Application and another containing the password set-up of the member’s My.SSS account, which the member needs to activate. Account activation must be done within 5 days, otherwise, the link will expire and the applicant will need to undergo the regular My.SSS registration through the member portal in the SSS website.
  12. After clicking the link, the member shall encode the last six digits of his/her CRN/SS number.
  13. The member shall encode the preferred password, confirm it, then click “Submit”. Write your password on a piece of paper or keep a separate record of it in your phone.

You now have an SSS number and are now an SSS member!


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