How to Prepare for a Typhoon in the Midst of a Pandemic

The rain that drenched Metro Manila early Saturday morning was strong enough to cause gutter-deep flooding in the Espana Avenue area in Sampaloc. If you saw the photos last weekend, you would think that a strong typhoon passed by while we were all fast asleep. But the truth is, we are simply in the midst of the rainy season, expected to last until October or November. Yes, hindi pa ito bagyo.

While we can’t stop the seasons from changing, we can always find ways to secure our family and property from the elements. However, due to the ongoing pandemic, disaster preparedness may look a little different from what we have always been used to.

Here are some tips lifted from an article published by Rappler last year, when in the face of a raging pandemic, several typhoons visited our country one after the other.

  1. Get your news and weather updates only from reputable news sources, PAGASA, and your LGU’s social media page.
  2. Check your home for damages, especially on your roof, basement, and drainage system. Make sure your home’s electrical system is safe too.
  3. Your Go-Bags must be ready and all members of the household know where to get theirs in case of an emergency. Your Go-Bag must now include the following: enough supply of face masks, alcohol and sanitizers, face shields.
  4. Save emergency hotlines on all of your mobile phones. This may include your barangay hall and health center, fire stations, hospitals, and police stations. Make sure all phones have enough battery life and load credits if you are using a prepaid line.
  5. Familiarize yourself and your family with the designated evacuation sites in your area. If your house has enough space or if you have a second floor or rooftop area, make enough space for everyone in case you need to move upstairs because of flooding.

And lastly, do everything in your capacity to keep COVID-19 (and all its crazy variants!) out of your home and away from your family. There is no such thing as “too much” when it comes to practicing minimum health protocols — never too much sanitizing of hands, never too much avoiding crowded areas, never too much time spent at home instead of going out even when restrictions have eased up.

Keep safe, everyone!



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