3 Steps to Get Your PhilSys ID (National ID)

You can now have yourself registered with the Philippine Identification System and get your very own PhilSys national ID. Make it your goal to get your ID before the year ends and be part of the nationwide movement to getting everyone fully and officially registred in our country’s ID system.

Bakit kasi kailangan ko pang kumuha ng national ID?

The implementation of the national ID system is just one of the many ways our country is accelerating and transitioning to a digital economy. The objective is to activate paperless and cashless transactions while limiting face-to-face requirements in government and private agencies and establishments. This means less lines, foot traffic, and waiting time at government offices and other establishments such as banks, schools, and the like.

How do I register to the PhilSys?

We lifted the registration process from the PhilSys website (www.philsys.gov.ph). This following are the exact entries in the website to ensure that all details are shared with you as thoroughly as possible:

Step 1:

Log on to register.philsys.gov.ph and fill out all required fields and submit your application form. Book your preferred appointment schedule to proceed to the Step 2 registration. Make sure to save a copy of your Application Reference Number (ARN) and/or your QR code which shall be presented at the registration center.

Step 2:

Proceed to your designated registration center on the day of your appointment schedule and present your ARN and/or QR code and bring the original copy of your supporting documents.

Step 3:

Wait for the delivery of your PhilSys Number (PSN) and PhilID to your delivery address. Present your transaction slip or any valid IDs to the courier.

To see the complete and updated list of regions, provinces, and towns/cities where online booking appointment for Step 2 are available, please click this link https://www.philsys.gov.ph/. The homepage should show the most updated lists for your reference.

Once again, your PSA birth certificate is the most acceptable identification you can present to the Philsys. You can, of course, present any other type of valid government-issued ID but in case you don’t have any (and believe me, a lot of people do not have valid government-issued IDs), just get a copy of your PSA birth certificate and you’d be good to go.

So, what are you waiting for? Have yourself registered now!




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