How to Get a Passport for Your Minor Children During the Pandemic

Before COVID-19, minors (below 18 years old) were not required to get a confirmed online appointment when applying for a passport or renewing their old one. They will be accommodated at the Courtesy Lanes of DFA’s satellite offices provided they have the complete set of requirements and are accompanied by a parent or a legal guardian.

Now, however, even minors are required to secure an online appointment with the DFA ( to be accommodated for passport applications and renewals.  So, I decided to update this piece for everyone’s information. I hope you find this helpful.

How to get a passport for your minor children:

  1. Get an online appointment at Minor children are still allowed to use the courtesy lanes at DFA offices but only if they have a confirmed appointment online.
  2. Bring a duly accomplished passport application form. Only the parents or the legal guardians must sign the form on the minor child’s behalf.
  3. Be at your chosen DFA satellite office on the date and time of the confirmed appointment.  Minor children must be accompanied by a parent or his or her legal guardian.
  4. Make sure to bring a copy of the child’s PSA birth certificate (original copy will be submitted to the DFA).
  5. If the child does not have a PSA birth certificate yet, the parents or the guardian my present a PSA-authenticated Certified True Copy of LCR Birth Certificate.
  6. If the child’s parents are not married, please include a Special Power of Attorney from the child’s mother – only if the mother could not be present during the appointment at the DFA.3
  7. The parent or legal guardian accompanying the child at the DFA must be able to present a valid government-issued ID – original and photocopy.
  8. The minor child’s school ID if already of school age.

The parents of the minor child and siblings that are 17 years old and below may also be accommodated at the DFA satellite office’s courtesy lane. However, please take note that some branches only accept 5-year-old children in their courtesy lanes. You may want to call the branch before you proceed with your brood to avoid unmet expectations.

Passports may still be delivered, and this is what I would personally recommend so you would not have to travel back to the satellite office to claim your child’s passport.



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