How to Correct the Year of Birth on Your PSA Birth Certificate

An error in your birth month and or date (in your PSA birth certificate) can be corrected by filing a petition for correction of clerical error under RA 10172. This must be filed at the local civil registry office of the city or municipality where your birth was registered. Take note though that the “error” will be reviewed by the LCR first in order to determine of it is indeed only clerical.  Should they find the error to be more than that, they may recommend a different approach to solve your birth certificate problem. So, the best way to find out how you can have your birth month and or date corrected is by visiting the LCR in your city or municipal hall.

But what if the problem or error is your year of birth? Will this also be accepted as a typographical error and be corrected by simply filing a petition for correction?

According to the PSA and a lawyer columnist I follow in the Manila Times, RA 10172 does not apply to errors on the year of birth in a birth certificate. Rather, the petition for correction must be filed before the Regional Trial Court of the city or municipality where the birth certificate was registered in order for the correction to be applied.

The petition may be filed by the birth certificate owner himself or his mother.  It must also be supported by the owner’s certified true machine copy of birth certificate, public and private documents which clearly show his correct year of birth, and other documents that can further prove his year of birth such as his earliest school records, medical records, baptismal certificate, etc.

The petitioner must wait for the court’s decision on the petition and if granted, a certified copy of the court’s decision will be served to the LCR for proper annotation on the petitioner’s birth certificate.

The fees involved in this type of correction will be determined by the LCR and the court where the petition will be submitted.

If you have more questions about correcting errors in a person’s birth certificate, just post your comment and I will do my best to find the answers for you.

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12 thoughts on “How to Correct the Year of Birth on Your PSA Birth Certificate

  1. Paano ko po ma papalitan o maitatama ung year of birth date ng papa ko sa PSA,, wala na po kasi ung original nyang birth certificate sa munisipyo kasi nasunog po,, wala din po syang baptismal dahil nalahar,, tanging is lamang po ang meron sya,, salamat po

  2. Paano ko po pwedeng pa correct ung year of birth date ng papa ko sa PSA,, kung nasunog po ung original nyang birth certificate, wala din po syang baptismal dahil nalahar,, tanging Id’s lamang po ang meron sya

  3. Hello po paano po un sa NSO tama po na march 29 ang birthday pero pagdating sa PSA naging march 30. Paano po ito macocorrect?

    1. Dalhin niyo po sa LCR kung saan naka rehistro ang birth certificate niyo yung PSA birth certificate na nakalagay na March 30 ang birthdate niyo. Para ma check sa LCR kung bakit iba ang lumabas na date of birth sa PSA copy ng birth certificate. Ang LCR po ang nag e-endorse ng birth certificates sa PSA for certification. Kung mali po ang nakalagay sa PSA copy, may possibility na mali din ang nakalagay sa LCR copy. Please check with LCR first.

    2. Also, baka po dalawang beses pina rehistro ang birth certificate ninyo. Na dahil mali ang March 30 na birth date, pina register kayo ulit at nilagay na March 29 ang birthdate niyo. Parang late registration ang ginawa. Nung NSO pa ang pangalan ng PSA, yung late registration na birth certificate ang nakukuha niyo kaya March 29 ang lumalabas na birthdate.

      Mali po kasi yun. Kung may correction ang birth certificate, dapat ipa-correct — hindi magpa rehistro ulit.

      Ngayon na PSA na ang may hawak ng records, may mga double registration na naka lock na. Ibig sabihin, yung pangalawang registration ng birth certificate any hindi na ire-release — yung original na registration na ang ibibigay sa iyo. In your case, ang original registration mo ay yung birthdate na March 30. Kaya yung March 30 ang nakukuha mo ngayon. Kung mali ang March 30 na birthdate mo, ipa correct mo yan through the remedies prescribed by the PSA. Hindi yung magpapa rehistro ka ng panibagong birth certificate.

  4. Hi po Mali po yung birth date and year ko po and yung middle name ko po mali po yung O naging U po if pag pina correct ko po ba matatagalan po ba?

    1. Hello po! Subukan niyo pong mag request ng kopya ng birth certificate niyo sa pinaka malapit na NSO office (PSA office). Kung may makukuha silang copy, ibig sabihin may birth certificate ka.

  5. …good eve po,,,ano po ang best way para maitama ang “gender” sa birth certificate ng akong anak,,, salamat po ang more power…

    1. Petition for correction of clerical error po. Mag inquire po kayo sa LCR kung saan naka rehistro ang birth certificate niya kung ano ang mga required documents at kung may fees na kailangang bayaran para sa pag file ng petition.

      1. Hello Goodafternoon po pano po kaya magpabago ng birthmonth and birth year po? Late register po kase and then june, 2006 po mismo ang lumabas sa psa ko imbis na january,2001 po

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