How to Submit your SSS Maternity Notification Online

And to cap our 3-day series on SSS Maternity Benefits, I am going to show you how to submit your maternity notification.  Now I realize I should have placed this at the beginning of the series (hah!) but since this is our third day doing this feature, I might as well just go ahead and write about it just the same.

An SSS Maternity Notification is simply an advice a female member gives her employer as soon as she has confirmed that she is pregnant. The sooner it is submitted, the better for the member, the employer, and the SSS to process and release her maternity benefit claims. If the member is self-employed, a voluntary member, or unemployed, the maternity notification must be submitted directly to the SSS.

There are two ways to submit your maternity notification: over-the-counter at an SSS office, or online through the SSS website.  And since we are still in the middle of a pandemic, the safest way to do this is online. So, here’s how you can submit your SSS maternity notification online:

  1. But first, you have to have a member account at the SSS website. If you still haven’t created one, read this previous blog.
  2. Log in to your account and choose Submit Maternity Notification under the E-services dropdown.
  3. Key in your expected date of delivery (this tells you that your submission of the maternity notification should be based on your doctor’s advice, not a home pregnancy test kit.
  4. Indicate it if you wish to allocate a part of your maternity leave credits or not. If yes, you have to provide the number of days and the name of the father of the child or an alternative caregiver.
  5. Once your submission is confirmed, you will be given a transaction number – take note of this. You should also receive an email regarding this submission. That’s how can be sure that your notification was successfully received by the SSS.

So, there you go! I hope you have a safe pregnancy and successful delivery of your baby. Advance Happy Mother’s Day to all our mom followers here!


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