How to Correct an Error in the First Name of the Deceased in a PSA Death Certificate

No public document is ever immune or exempted from errors and oversights. These documents are filled out manually and are handed over from one section or division to another and along the way, someone is bound to overlook or misspell something. How do you rectify incorrect entries in a PSA death certificate?

Read on.

The most common error we encounter with PSA documents are the spellings of the names. So, if the first name of the deceased is misspelled on the PSA death certificate, here’s what you need to do:

  1. The name of the deceased in the death certificate can be corrected through RA 9048. The petition for correction of entries may be filed by the spouse of the deceased, his or her children, parents, brothers, sisters, grandparents, guardian or any other person authorized by law.
  2. A lawyer or any other person may file the petition provided that a special power of attorney be given by the persons in the preceding sentence.
  3. Aside from the requirements for the petition for correction of entries, the death certificate of the deceased should be attached to the petition.
  4. The petitioner may file at the LCRO where the certificate of death was registered or at any LCRO through the process of migrant petition.

The above was lifted from the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA)’s website.  The timeline to complete the correction can be determined upon filing, the secret really is to keep following up with the LCR to ensure that the process of correction is moving.

Once you have the corrected copy of the death certificate, have it endorsed by the LCR to the PSA so you can get a copy that is printed on the PSA’s SECPA (security paper).

Good luck!


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