List of Documentary Requirements for SSS Maternity Benefits

The first part of this blog was released yesterday. All the how-to’s of availing the SSS maternity benefits are in there. If you missed yesterday’s blog, you can read it here.

Documentary requirements for SOLO PARENTS

  • Valid Solo Parent ID issued by DSWD

For employers filing maternity reimbursement claims of former female employees who were not able to submit the required documents:

  • Maternity notification duly received by SSS (online or OTC)
  • Proof of pregnancy submitted by the female member to the employer.
  • Proof of advance payment of the SSS maternity benefit to the female employer.
  • Certification for the employer that the employee did not report for work anymore after giving birth.

For female members whose babies died after birth (death of newborn):

For stillbirth (baby died in utero)

Tomorrow, we will teach you how to submit your maternity notification online via the SSS website. Meanwhile, if you still do not have a MySSS account and want to create one, you can get the full set of instructions here. You will need a MySSS account in order to submit your maternity notification and other SSS transactions online.

Until then!



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One thought on “List of Documentary Requirements for SSS Maternity Benefits

  1. Ngfifile po ako ng sss maternity notification kahapon pa po kapag pinindot ko yung clicking documents requirement laging unavailable service ang result.

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