How to Renew your Postal ID

Did you know that a Postal ID is a primary government-issued ID that is honored and accepted in almost all types of transactions with government agencies and private transactions?  If you are still using the basic postal ID plastic card, you will be given the improved Postal ID version when you renew. The improved PostalContinue reading “How to Renew your Postal ID”


How to Get a Copy of your PSA Marriage Certificate Online

Newly married couples can get a copy of their PSA marriage certificate from the PSA at least three months after their wedding date.  This is the most conservative wait time; sometimes, it takes up to six months before a PSA copy is made available.  It really depends on how fast the city or municipal hallContinue reading “How to Get a Copy of your PSA Marriage Certificate Online”

How To Find A Job In The New Normal

Before 2020 ended, it was reported that about 4.5 million Filipinos lost their jobs due to the pandemic. Thousands of businesses were decimated by COVID-19, bringing our unemployment rate to 10.4% — the highest we registered in 15 years.  It was not a very good year. But life must go on. So, we brave ourContinue reading “How To Find A Job In The New Normal”

List of Requirements for Catholic Church Weddings in the Philippines

There was a point during the community lockdowns when church weddings were completely disallowed.  And then they re-opened the church doors but only for the bride and groom, their parents, and a pair of ninong and ninang.  Those were odd times and ones we hope will not happen again. Church weddings are still strictly regulated,Continue reading “List of Requirements for Catholic Church Weddings in the Philippines”