8 Essential IDs You Need as a Filipino and How to Get Them

For every transaction you make with a government agency or a private firm in the Philippines, you will be asked to submit or show at least one valid government-issued ID. Whether you are employed or are running your own business, you need to have a Tax Identification ID, an SSS ID, and a PhilHealth ID, at the very least.

Here is a how-to list to help you apply for or get the ID or document you need:

  1. Philippine Passport
    • Issuing agency: Department of Foreign Affairs
    • Requirements:
    • How to apply:
      • Book an appointment with your preferred DFA branch here.
      • Be at the DFA branch at least 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment. Bring all the original and photocopies of ID and document requirements.
      • Do not wear shorts, mini skirts, sleeveless tops, and slippers. To be safe, wear a collared shirt or blouse, pants, and closed shoes.
      • Pay for your passport processing fee at the cashier after your interview. Keep the receipt and take note of the date when you can claim your passport.
  2. PSA Birth Certificate
    • Issuing agency: Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA)
    • Requirements:
      • When getting a copy of your PSA certificate of live birth at a PSA office, bring a valid government-issued ID. If you are claiming the certificate of a family member or a friend, bring the following:
        • An authorization letter from the owner of the certificate.
        • An original and photocopy of the owner’s valid government-issued ID.
        • An original and photocopy of your valid government-issued ID.
      • If you prefer to have your PSA certificate delivered to you, you may order online at http://www.psahelpline.ph. Delivery takes 3 to 4 working days within Metro Manila and 7 to 8 working days for provincial orders.
  3. Postal ID
    • Issuing agency: Philippine Postal Corporation
    • Requirements:
      • Two copies of duly-accomplished PID application form.
      • Any one of the following as proof of your identity:
      • Proof of address
        • Credit card statements
        • Utility bills
      • How to apply:
        • Fill-out the application form and bring the accomplished copy to your post office. You can download the form here.
        • Proceed to the ID capture station; get the list of capture stations here.
        • Wait for your Postal ID to be delivered to your address.
  4. UMID or Unified Multi-purpose ID
    • Issuing agency: Social Security System
    • Requirements:
      • Personal appearance at any SSS branch.
      • Accomplished UMID card application form. Download the form here
      • Prepare one original and photocopy of any of the following:
        • Driver’s license
        • Passport
        • Seaman’s book
        • PRC license
      • How to apply:
        • Submit your requirements at the nearest SSS branch in your area.
        • Have your photo and biometrics taken.
        • Wait for your UMID to be delivered to your address.
        • First-time applications for UMID cards are free of charge. But if you are applying for a replacement of a lost or damaged UMID, you will be charged a replacement fee of Php 200.
  5. Driver’s License (Non-professional)
    • Issuing agency: Land Transportation Office
    • Requirements:
      • Duly accomplished original application form for driver’s license.
      • Electronically transmitted medical certificate in LTO prescribed form.
    • How to apply:
      • Submit all requirements and proceed to the cashier for payment of fees.
      • Take written examination.
      • Proceed to the driving test.
      • If you pass both, proceed to the biometric window and provide other details needed for your driver’s license. If you fail the written exam and or the actual driving test, you may retake any or both after one month.
      • Wait for your driver’s license to be released.
  6. Digitized Voter’s ID
    • Issuing agency: Commission on Elections (COMELEC)
    • Requirements:
      • You need only to be a registered voter.
      • If not, register at the nearest Office of the Election Officer (OEC) in your area before May 2022.
      • The Voter’s ID is free of charge.
    • How to apply:
      • If you are already a registered voter, proceed to the OEC in your locality and ask any COMELEC officer to search for your Voter ID.
      • Your ID will be released at the satellite registration in your barangay during the continuous voter registration.
  7. PhilHealth ID (Digitized PVC)
    • Issuing agency: PhilHealth
    • Requirements:
      • First, you need to be a member of PhilHealth. If you have not applied for a membership yet, here’s how you can do it online:
        1. Visit the PhilHealth website and click the Online Services link. You can also visit the PhilHealth Electronic Registration System at https://eregister.philhealth.gov.ph
        2. Click the Register link in the Electronic Registration section under Membership. A window will pop-up; click Proceed after going over the reminders.
        3. Read the Terms and Conditions and then click Accept.
      • Fill-out the PhilHealth online application form with the following details:
        • Personal information
        • Contact details
        • Address
        • Dependents’ information
        • Guardian information
        • Membership category information
        • Upload documents (optional)
      • Upload supporting documents such as your PSA birth certificate, Philippine passport, or driver’s license.
      • Wait for the confirmation email.
    • You may have an ID card generated for you at any PhilHealth office. There is a P90 fee for the ID and an additional P358 if you wish to include your dependents.
  8. Tax Identification ID Card
    • Issuing agency: Bureau of Internal Revenue
    • Requirements when getting a Tax Identification Number (for employees):
    • How to apply:
      • Visit the nearest BIR branch to obtain a copy of BIR Form 1902.
      • Fill out the form.
      • Submit the duly accomplished BIR Form 1902 together with the requirements mentioned above to the Revenue District Office. The RDO must have jurisdiction over the area where your employers’ office is located.
    • How to get a TIN ID:
      • Go to the Revenue District Office where you are registered and make the application for the ID card.
      • Bring one valid government ID.

Hope you found this blog entry helpful! And if you did, please share it to someone you think might need it.




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9 thoughts on “8 Essential IDs You Need as a Filipino and How to Get Them

  1. Ano po kailangan kapag ipapa update ko ung TIN ko sa pinas imto married name,andito po ako sa abroad kaya jindi ko maasikaso in person so ano po kailangam kapag ipapaasikaso ko sa relatives ko,kailangan ko po kase machange status into married dahil para maisa aa title ng property dyaan sa Pilipinas..salamat po

    1. Here’s our entry on how to update your details with the BIR (published in 2019). Kung hindi po ito makakatulong sa pangangailangan niyo (since you are abroad), you may also send an email to the BIR to ask for help from them directly. Their email address is: contact_us@bir.gov.ph

      Here are the steps:

      1. Download and print a copy of BIR Form 2305 for employed taxpayers and BIR Form 1905 for self-employed taxpayers.

      2. Fill out the form except for Part V, as this part is for your employer.

      3. Prepare a copy of your PSA marriage certificate to support your request for change of marital status.

      4. In Part II of the forms, check the letter “K” and write “Update Status and Registered Name to Married Name” in the blank box.

      5. On the second page (or backside of the form), check “Registered Name” in 4G.
      Write your married name under “New” and your maiden name under “Old”.

      6. Attach a copy of your PSA marriage certificate and submit the accomplished form to the BIR branch office or Revenue District office where your TIN is currently registered. If you are employed, submit the accomplished form to your employer.

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