I Got a QR Code After Paying for My PSAHelpline Order. What Is This For?

Have you tried ordering your PSA birth certificate (or marriage, or CENOMAR) at PSAHelpline.ph? What changes did you notice on their website?

As with other online shopping platforms, PSAHelpline.ph will require a working email address and mobile phone number from you during the ordering process.  You will receive order confirmations and updates through these channels.

If you placed an order and have paid for this through any of their payment channels (credit card, GCash, over-the-counter at payment centers and banks, and Bancnet ATMs), you will receive two types of codes in your email and your mobile phone. 

You will receive a QR code in your email and a one-time password (OTP) in your mobile number.  These codes work like passwords on the day of delivery of your PSA certificates.  The courier will ask to see either (or both!) before he releases the documents to you.  This is to ensure that the PSA certificates are handed only to the rightful owner (you!).

What if I’m not home on the day of the delivery?

In cases when you can’t personally meet the courier at your front door, you can share the codes to your authorized representative. He or she should be able to provide the courier the correct codes in order to receive the documents on your behalf.  Otherwise, the courier will not release the documents and will return these to the PSA.

That’s safety and convenience working for us!

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