5 Ways to Pay for Your PSA Certificate Orders at PSAHelpline.ph

The new PSAHelpline.ph is all about safety and convenience!  I am glad they decided to reactivate this online ordering channel as an option for us Pinoys to get copies of our birth certificates, marriage certificates, and CENOMAR.  This is most important now that we are encouraged to limit our movements outside the house due to the pandemic.

Have you visited their new website yet? If not, you can quickly take a peek by clicking this link: www.psahelpline.ph

Ordering is quick and easy and you actually have the option to pay for your orders right on their website using your credit card.  I think that is the fastest way you can place and confirm your order.  What’s nice about PSAHelpline.ph is it’s not restricted to just credit card owners, you can still choose to pay for your PSA certificate orders through other means.

Here is a list of PSAHelpline’s payment options that are available to anyone who wishes to enjoy the safety and convenience of having their PSA documents ordered online and delivered to their homes (I also included the link for each payment option so you can quickly see how each works 🙂 )

  1. GCash Payments

You can pay online even without a credit card! If you have a GCash account, you can pay for your PSA certificate orders right within the GCash app. Don’t forget to take a screenshot of the Merchant Transaction Result at the end of the payment process, or take note of your reference number.

If you have a 7-Eleven outlet near you, you can choose to make your payment there via their CLIQQ machine.  All you have to do is tap on the Bill Payment icon on the CLIQQ machine and search for PSAHelpline.ph.  You will be asked to provide your reference number, mobile number, and the amount you need to pay (P365 if marriage or birth certificate, P420 if CENOMAR).

The CLIQQ machine will dispense a receipt when payment is confirmed. You have to keep this receipt as proof of your payment.

So if you don’t like using your credit card online, and no 7-Eleven stores are in sight, and Bayad Centers are closed for the day, can you still pay for your PSAHelpline certificate orders?

Yes, you can!  If you have a BancNet ATM, you can simply head to the nearest BancNet machine and pay “online”! Just follow the instructions for ATM payments and choose NSO Helpline Plus as the biller.  Don’t forget to take the thermal paper that is your transaction receipt. Keep it as proof of your payment.

This is probably the newest payment option introduced by PSAHelpline and although I haven’t used it specifically for PSAHelpline, I’ve purchased several sale vouchers online and have come across Dragonpay.

Using Dragonpay is easy and simple and will automatically pop-up on your screen once you choose it as a payment option.  All proofs of transaction will be sent to your email so you have the option to print it as reference.  Your transaction is also bar-coded which means it is a safe payment option you can use next time you order your birth certificate online.

PSAHelpline accepts Visa and Mastercard payments right in their website.  The entire process is encrypted and assured safe and free from cyber theft.  This is the payment option I use most of the time (in the many, many times I’ve ordered my PSA certificates from PSAHelpline) because for me it is the most convenient, fastest, and safest way to pay for my orders.

Visit PSAHelpline.ph now!

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