The Three PSA Certificates You Can Order Online, an online site where you can order your PSA Certificates of Live Birth, Marriage, and No Marriage (CENOMAR) is now open and ready to receive our requests!  This means that we now have the option to have our PSA documents delivered to us especially during these times when trips outside our homes must be reserved only for essential errands. 

There are three types of PSA documents that you can order online.  Maybe it is good to note that you cannot order a PSA Certificate of Death online.  If you need this type of document, you will have to visit the nearest PSA office or Serbilis outlet.

Online, you can order the following:

  1. Certificate of Live Birth

This can be ordered by the owner of the birth certificate or the parents of the owners, regardless of the child’s age.

Other people, whether friends or relatives, cannot order your certificate of live birth on your behalf. 

2. Certificate of Marriage

Your PSA Certificate of Marriage can be ordered by you or your spouse.  No one else can order this document for you through 

3. Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR)

Only the owner can order a copy of his or her CENOMAR.  No one else, not even your fiancé or your parents, can order this document for you.

Visit the new website now and maybe, save it as a bookmark on your browser. Also, you can access the site using your desktop or mobile phone! It works whether you’re connected to a wifi network or prepaid data.

That’s one more reason to not go out of your house, right?

You’re safer at home. Always.


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