4 Reasons Why You Should Order Your PSA Certificates Online

The online ordering and delivery of PSA documents (birth certificate, marriage certificate, and CENOMAR) is once again available via PSAHelpline.ph.  This is a huge help for people like us who are still reeling from the threats of COVID-19.

Online ordering of basically anything we need for our home, business, or job has become the new normal in the last nine months of 2020.  It saves us the trouble of going out of the house, getting caught in traffic, and gas or public transportation expenses.  The ultimate reason, of course, is that we want to keep ourselves safe from the risk of contracting COVID-19.  So now that PSAHelpline.ph is once again available to take our orders for our PSA certificates and deliver to our doorsteps (birth certificate, marriage certificate, and CENOMAR), we have another reason to just stay at home and let the wonders of logistics work for us.

Have you tried ordering your PSA birth certificate online? Here are four reasons why you should consider doing so before the year ends:

  1. Security.

All orders placed on the PSAHelpline.ph are safe and secure.  In fact, no one else can order copies of your PSA certificates through PSAHelpline.ph except you! It’s like having your very own shopping app account where all purchases and payments can only be made through your exclusive access to the site.

  • Safety.

If you can have food, groceries, medicines, and other daily essentials delivered to your home, why not essential documents such as birth certificates and marriage certificates? Well, now you can through PSAHelpline.ph. Until this pandemic is contained, go out only when extremely necessary and take advantage of all opportunities to have items delivered to you instead.

  • Convenience.

You save on gas and other travel expenses when you order online and have items delivered to you.  You can attend to other things while waiting for your parcel to arrive. PSAHelpline.ph allows you to track the status of your order and when it is on its way to your home.

  • Accessibility.

PSAHelpline.ph can be accessed through your desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. So whether you are at home or traveling, you can place your orders online anytime.  You can also choose among the different payment options available so you are able to finalize your order by paying online with your credit card or Gcash or through over-the-counter payment options such as at Bayad Center outlets.  If you own a Bancnet ATM, you can even pay through any Bancnet ATM.

Visit the new PSAHelpline.ph website and try ordering your PSA certificate today.  You never know when you might need these documents so it is best that you have copies with you anytime.


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