PhilSys ID Registration Starts Today!

The race to registering 5 million household heads begins today for the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) as it launches its mass registration for the National ID System.  

The PSA shall visit the residences of selected pre-registrants to gather personal information and provide a schedule for them to proceed to registration centers.  The pre-registration process shall make the actual registration at the centers faster and more efficient – this has become more important now that COVID-19 scare is still very much prevalent in our country. This pre-registration is called Step One.

Below is PSA’s timeline for the PhilSys ID registration and how they intend to get each and every Filipino registered to the system and provided his very own National ID:

October 2020 – Step 1

  • Collection of demographic information of select sample of low-income household heads from 32 priority provinces this year.

November 2020 – Step 2

  • Pre-registrants head to registration centers for biometric capture.
  • Additional 4 million people will be scheduled for registration.


  • Target registrants: 45 million


  • Target registrants: 42 million

Step 3 is the actual issuance of the National ID card.

The ID is free of charge and registration to the system is voluntary but the PSA is highly encouraging every Filipino, whether here or abroad, to get themselves registered and issued their IDs.  According to the PSA, the National ID shall interconnect redundant government IDs such that you only need to show your national ID for most of your transactions with the government and private establishments to prove your identity.  

What are the requirements in applying for a National ID?

The applicants are advised to present an original copy of one of the following:

  1. PSA-issued Certificate of Live Birth together with one government-issued identification document bearing full name, front-facing photograph, and signature or thumb mark, such as:
    1. Philippine Passport issued by the DFA.
    1. Unified Multi-purpose Identification Card (UMID) issued by the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) and Social Security System (SSS).
    1. Valid LTO-issued Student’s License Permit or Non-professional/Professional Driver’s License.

The full list of accepted documentary requirements can be found at the back of the PhilSys Registration Form.

What if the applicant does not have any government-issued ID or any ID for that matter?

Applicants without documentation may be registered through the Introducer-Based Registration.

For more information on the National ID registration, the PSA website at or like and follow their Facebook page at @PSAPhilSysOfficial


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