4 Reasons Why You Should Try an Online Doctor’s Consultation

There was a time when Googling your illness was frowned upon.  Now that the pandemic has limited most of our movements, we rely on the power of the internet to connect us to the outside world and gain access to all that is essential to our families – healthcare included.  

I am sure you have tried having your food and groceries delivered to your home.  And at one point, you may have booked your cinema seats online too (ah, the good old days!).  But did you know that you can also set an appointment with a doctor and meet him online for that much-needed check-up?

Yes, now you can!  If you have heard about this and tried it at least once, then you’re well on your way to making the quarantined life work for you.  A trip to the doctor’s clinic does not only require time and added expenses for gas and parking, it can also be literally scary.  

If you are still having doubts, here’s a short list of reasons why you should at least consider canceling that trip to your doctor’s office and have him meet you online instead.

  1. Security and privacy. The personalized approach applied in online medical consultation allows both doctor and patient the private space that is often needed when discussing chronic diseases and other serious health conditions.  This may not be entirely true when the consultation is done in a clinic where the doctor’s secretary and other waiting patients are always just within earshot.  
  2. Availability.  Since the service is online, you can book your consultation anytime of the day or night.  You are not limited by clinic hours or unmanned office phones.  All you have to do is book an appointment online and show up on the date and time of your online check-up.
  3. Cost-effective.  From the appointment setting to the actual consultation, you only pay the doctor’s professional fee.  You no longer need to worry about gas, or parking spaces and fees.  Also, there are no location boundaries when you consult with a doctor online. You may be in the province (locked down or quarantined) and your preferred doctor may be in Manila, and that is alright. You can still consult with him minus the exorbitant fees of travelling.
  4. Convenience. COVID-19 has restricted the movements of everyone but has made it especially difficult for senior citizens, PWDs, and minors.  Getting a doctor to see them online when needed saves them the trouble of lining up at clinics and exposing themselves to the virus.  

These are just some of the benefits of booking an online doctor consultation services to get the medical assistance you need during these trying times.  While the whole world focuses on fighting the pandemic, a lot of other patients requiring routine care and attention from doctors may have been bumped off.  Now that online medical assistance is made available, why don’t we use it to our advantage until things get back to normal.


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One thought on “4 Reasons Why You Should Try an Online Doctor’s Consultation

  1. Yes, exactly what you described is correct.
    It is now incredibly easy to make a doctor’s appointment using technology while remaining in the comfort of our own homes.
    Doctor consultations through video or chat are quite handy, and for a few frequent conditions including the flu, viral fever, and skin allergies, it is preferable to have an online doctor consultation.

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