What Would You Wait In Line For?

Last Thursday, I found myself in a 90-minute line to see my obstetrician.  My high school best friend was in the area and she volunteered to accompany me while I waited for my turn.  Neither of us knew much about it but we were more than willing to endure the long wait as it gaveContinue reading “What Would You Wait In Line For?”

How to Apply for a Late Registration of Birth

Are you one of the many Filipinos who tried requesting for a copy of their birth certificate at the PSA and got a negative certificate instead?  If you get a negative certificate, it means that the PSA does not have a record of your civil registry document in their files. This could be disheartening atContinue reading “How to Apply for a Late Registration of Birth”

How to Register the Birth of a Newborn Baby

Parents are obligated to register their babies as soon as possible, after birth.  By law, you should be able to properly register the details of your child’s birth within 30 days from the date of his birth. Here’s how: How to register a newborn baby born in a hospital: Be ready with your baby’s name.Continue reading “How to Register the Birth of a Newborn Baby”

2 Ways to Get a Copy of Your CENOMAR (Certificate of No Marriage)

A CENOMARor Certificate of No Marriage is a primary documentary requirement for those who are planning to get married.  It serves as proof that you or your would-be spouse is legally single – never contracted marriage or a previous marriage has been annulled.  It basically tells you if you are free to marry another person.Continue reading “2 Ways to Get a Copy of Your CENOMAR (Certificate of No Marriage)”

List of Requirements and Schedules for Midwives’ Licensure Examination

Prepare your documentary requirements for the Midwives’ licensure examinations as the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) will start accepting the online processing of applications on January 8, 2020.  The easiest and most convenient way to get copies of your PSA birth and marriage certificates (which are primary requirements for online application) is by ordering through http://www.psahelpline.phContinue reading “List of Requirements and Schedules for Midwives’ Licensure Examination”