How to Change Wrong Information in the Online Passport Appointment Form

10 Oct 1

When you fill out the online application form for your passport appointment, it is as good as filling out an actual document – all the information you place there will be considered true and correct by the DFA.  But what if you realize you placed the wrong information in the form after you have submitted it?  Can you retrieve it and apply the needed corrections?

Well, the answer is both yes and no.  Read today’s blog to know how you can remedy wrong entries in your online passport application form and avoid losing your appointment.

Changing the location and schedule of your appointment

According to the DFA, the only information you can change in your online appointment are the location and the schedule.  If you changed your mind about the DFA office where you want to be interviewed for your passport application, you can actually change it online.  You can also do the same for your schedule as long as you follow the guidelines of the DFA for changing confirmed schedules.  Read this blog from last month for the complete details (Can I Reschedule My Confirmed Passport Appointment at the DFA?).

Correcting mistakes such as misspelled names, wrong gender, or wrong application type (new instead of renewal).

You can no longer correct these types of mistakes online but you can have the DFA personnel correct it for you during your interview.  Your application will go through a verification process and you will also be given time to review the entries in your passport before they finalize it for printing.  Make sure to mention which entries you need to be corrected during your interview and review your passport on the screen carefully.

You do not need to make another appointment if you think you committed errors in your application form.  Just go ahead and show up on your scheduled appointment and make sure to mention the corrections you need to apply to your application form.

As always, do not forget to bring the necessary IDs and documents such as your PSA birth certificate and any government-issued ID, for passport application and renewal so you don’t waste your appointment.  Also, always double-check your entries in the online form before hitting the submit button so you minimize the risks of sending out incorrect information into the system.

Stay tuned for more blogs about passport application and renewal.  Got questions? Send us an email.




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43 thoughts on “How to Change Wrong Information in the Online Passport Appointment Form

  1. I booked an appointment of my nephew but his email address is no longer active how can I change his email address, I already finished his appointment I also proceed to payment

  2. Good afternoon….may i ask if possible po bang macorrect ko po yung surname ko during my appointment day? Thanks po.

  3. Hi..I have made an 3 online appointment for my mother which is she got her passport long time ago then my 2 children for new application I haven’t realized that my 2 new application is about to apply new but It will come out same as simple renewal realized only when my appointment time then the staff told me that my application is forfeited it’s bcuz of the site appointment details only.After I ask if what should I do maybe they can rebook again or.
    refund but they told me to apply again and I need to pay again.Its only the site problem.F*CK up the staff who attained to me waste time and money even they can make it . Anyone encounter this problem.Pls advice me to what to do.Thanks alot!

    1. Sorry this happened to you. Please be careful when filling out the appointment forms; always double check that you are making the right type of appointment (whether renewal or new application), DFA site branch, and other important details.

  4. I made a mistake in my son’s online passport renewal application form, i entered the wrong birth place and gender. Is there anyone who can tell me
    If they were able to correct it during the processing of their passport on their scheduled date? Thank you.

    1. Hi! Try sending an email to the DFA satellite office that you will be visiting for your son’s passport renewal. You may also need to bring a copy of your son’s PSA birth certificate as proof of the correct birth place and gender of your son. These details can be corrected before they finalize the entries in your son’s passport.

  5. Hi, meron na po ako appointment renewal of passport pero doon sa Have you been issued a passport naisagot ko pala no kaya hindi ko nailagay ang old passport number ko, date of issue and place of issue. Ma correct po ba sa dfa during my scheduled appoitment or kailangan ko po mag book ulit? pls help. Thank you

    1. Hi! Yes, sabihin niyo po agad sa guard ng DFA na renewal ang pakay niyo (hindi new application) para maipila ka nila sa renewal. Then just tell the consul na for renewal ang passport niyo. Bring your old passport.

  6. Please my witness’s surname is wrong and I have already booked appointment what should I do?

  7. i have no middle name but have two first names, the 2nd first name erroneously become my middle name in the form.. dfa said to book for another appointment cause they can’t correct/edit wrong information. wasted time and money for this.

    1. I’m quite stressed out. My parents have an appointment tomorrow. I didn’t fill up their middle name on the online form because it wasn’t a required detail (the field has no asterisk) 😢

  8. Hi po… I applied for a DFA Appointment just today. Unfortunately, namali po ung nasulat ko sa default citizenship. Instead na Citizens by Birth, Citizens by naturalization po ung nailagay ko due to ignorance.
    May I ask if possible pa po itong maichange during the scheduled appointment? Kung oo, ano pong proofs ang dapat kong dalhin. PSA Birth Cert lng po ba?

  9. I went to DFA North and I have many wrong information on my online application and they fix it for me on that date of appointment, my wrong infos were Place of Birth, DOB, Issue date of previous passport. I went with a photocopy of my Birth Cert and previous passport for evidence.

    1. For misspelled middle names, you can have it corrected through a petition of correction at the LCR where your birth certificate was registered. Bring a copy of your mother’s PSA birth certificate as proof of the correct spelling.

      1. Good day sir/mam what if i fill out the form jut i cant fillout the middle initial.

      2. Good day sir/mam what if i fill out the form jut i cant fillout the middle initial.

  10. This is a big joke article. I’ve already to the dfa and suddenly I forgot to put my dot in my Junior name, the girl in dfa was told me to go back after 2 months bullsh*t. It’s just a dot in my Certificate which is not included to my name. Why should 2 months before fix it. Dfa has a ridiculous staffs, pls shuffle them or transfer to other departments or else please fired them. I hope President or national government will notice this kind of poor services of dfa employees and i’m not the only one has complaining on this kind of poor service there’s a lot complained to the social media and people there on dfa waiting for a several hrs very hard for us to wait days and wasting time.

  11. I accidentally put my address on the ADDRESS ABROAD which is supposedly none ,i put just the same as my address here in the will i correct it?pls is on 9A CONTACT appointment re schedule on nov 17

  12. Is this still true? I have filled my application wrongly. The DFA representatives told me that it must be rebooked and another payment will be made again. 😦

  13. Hi,Thanks for this information.Mine was I mistakenly type my LASTNAME to middle name then my middle name was input on the Last name.

  14. How about the birth place where I fill up my current adress which is not my birth place?

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