I Missed my DFA Appointment Due to an Emergency, Can I Still Reschedule?

9 Sept 18

Another common question we receive in our email, one that we asked ourselves many months back.  And the answer is, no.

Based on my observation, one of the main reasons why it has become so difficult to get an available passport appointment slot is because people do not take their reservations seriously.  They will reserve a slot and then will not show up for their appointment.  This practice actually results in a 2-month wait period for other passport applicants.

In June 2016, the DFA implemented the 30-day ban for passport applicants who do not show up on their appointment date. They are tagged by the system and are not able to reserve an appointment slot for 30 days after their original appointment date.

Just last year, the DFA also tweaked the passport application process so that applicants now have to pay the passport fee before they appear at the DFA for their interview.  The payment confirms their appointment and the DFA shall hold the date and time for the applicant, unless he or she requests to have it re-scheduled.

Re-scheduling can be accommodated only once and will depend on the availability of the appointment slot that the applicant wishes to take.  Also, a weekday appointment can only be re-scheduled to another weekday; you cannot take a weekend date if your original reservation was a weekday.

If you still fail to show up on the re-scheduled date, your passport fee will be forfeited and you will have to go through the reservation process again if you still wish to continue.

I personally think this is the best way that the DFA can be fair to everyone in terms of granting appointment slots to passport applicants.

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3 thoughts on “I Missed my DFA Appointment Due to an Emergency, Can I Still Reschedule?

  1. Kung may appointment na ang mag rerenew ng passport at on the way na sa dfa , naharang sa daan gawa ng travel restriction sa isang lugar ito ba ay wala ng saysay ang appointment

  2. Papano po kapag nakareserved ka ng slot at umabot ka sa payment method at ilalagay nalNg ang card number tapos nag error at pagkatapos irefresh bumalik sa pagpili ulit ng schedule date at nung makakuha ulit sinasabi na may reservation slot nako eh di ko man lang nascreen shot kung ang kahit na anong info papano ko mareretrieve yung reservation na sinasabi?

  3. May u request to re scefule my passport application scheduled august 3,2021@ 11-12am because of travel band.Im in dubai right now so okease consider my request to re schedule my appointment.Thank you!

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