What Last Name Should A Married Woman Use In Her Passport?

9 Sept 17

We covered this topic last year but thought it would be good to write about it again since we receive a lot of questions about changing one’s name in his or her passport.

Married Filipinas are not mandated by law to use their husband’s last name – whether in their IDs, transactions and yes, even in their passports.  Women have the option to retain their maiden last name even after they are married.

If you are married and wish to use your husband’s last name in your passport, you need to present a copy of your PSA marriage certificate to the DFA when you renew your existing passport.

On the other hand, if you have been using your husband’s last name in your passport and have decided to switch back to your maiden name, you can only do so under two circumstances:

  1. If your marriage has been annulled or
  2. If you have been widowed.

In both cases, you need to present supporting documents to the DFA before you are issued a passport with your maiden last name in it.  If your marriage was annulled, you must present an annotated copy of your PSA marriage certificate, one that bears the court order or finality of the annulment.  If you are a widow, you need to present the PSA death certificate of your spouse.

So ladies, remember that once you decide to use your married name in your passport, you cannot simply go back to using your maiden last name anytime. So think about it before you change your last name in your IDs.





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3 thoughts on “What Last Name Should A Married Woman Use In Her Passport?

  1. sir i am currently working in a public school, i’m still single in my position and haven’t change my status as married..in my passport i’m using already my husband’s surname. Is there any conflict in my papers in deped if i will apply an authority to travel? i’m planning to have a 2 months vacation with him in USA he is an american citizen and work there while i also work here in the Philippines

    1. Hi Leovilyn,

      I am not familiar with the policies of DepEd but I am with SSS.

      In SSS, if you failed to update your marital status in SSS but have already started using your married last name in your office records, and you file for a maternity claim, the SSS will require you to update your marital status in their records before they could process your claim.

      Maybe you should also check with DepEd if they follow the same policies in terms of employees filing transactions with them.


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