National ID Mass Registration To Go Full Blast by Mid-2020


9 Sept 3 (2)

As anticipated, the PSA began the pilot run for national ID registration last Sunday, September 1, 2019.  They are currently focused on having DSWD beneficiaries in Metro Manila registered to the national ID system.  Government employees, particularly the employees of the PSA are also counted in the pilot run.

According to the information we gathered from the PSA website, they are on track to have the national ID system fully operational for the mass registration expected to happen by mid-2020.  All Filipinos are expected to register and get their own national IDs in two years’ time; registration is expected to wrap up by mid-2022 for about 107 million Pinoys.

Requirements for national ID registration

  1. The PSA birth certificate remains to be one of the primary documentary requirements for the national ID registration. While it is true that other IDs are likewise accepted such as passports, UMID, GSIS, and SSS IDs, the fact still remains that not all Filipinos possess these IDs. Your birth certificate is still your best option and that is why it is foremost in the PSA’s list of acceptable documents for registration.
  2. Other acceptable IDs are:
  • Philippine ePassport issued by the DFA
  • Unified Multi-purpose ID (UMID) card issued by the GSIS or SSS
  • Other equivalent identification documents as may be determined in the guidelines issued by the PSA.

This means that you are to bring your PSA birth certificate AND one government-issued ID with your full name, photo, and signature or thumb mark (such as your PhilHealth ID, voter’s ID, driver’s license, etc.).

If you do not have a copy of your PSA birth certificate, you can use your passport, UMID, GSIS, or SSS IDs, plus one other government-issued ID (such as your PhilHealth ID, voter’s ID, driver’s license, etc.) as long as it has your full name, photo, and signature or thumb mark.

Why do you need a national ID?

The national ID shall be a valid proof of identity for all Filipinos and will allow access to government and private sector services and transactions.  It is expected to discourage and completely eliminate bureaucratic red tape as owners no longer need to provide most other forms of identification when transacting.

If you have a national ID, you also essentially have an ID for DSWD (if you are a beneficiary), PhilHealth, Social Security System, and Government Service Insurance System (if you are a government employee).  You will use your national ID for eligibility, services, and access to:

  • Social welfare and benefits granted by the government
  • Passports, driver’s licenses
  • Tax-related transactions
  • Admission in schools and government hospitals
  • Opening of bank accounts
  • Registration and voting purposes
  • Transactions for employment purposes
  • Cardholder’s criminal records and clearances.

What it does not replace are:

  • Driver’s licenses
  • Passports
  • UMID (for social security transactions)

I will share with you how you can easily get a copy of your PSA birth certificate in my next blog.  Meantime, check out our previous blogs about the national ID:

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