Four Ways to Get a Copy of Your PSA Birth Certificate

9 Sept 3b

The pilot test for the national ID began last September 1, 2019.  Although the PSA is focused on registering DSWD beneficiaries and selected government agency employees, they are geared to go full blast by mid-2020.  This got me thinking: Pila nanaman sa PSA offices nito sa pag kuha ng birth certificate!

The PSA birth certificate remains to be the primary documentary requirement for the national ID registration (don’t tell me I didn’t tell you, haha!).  And based on the PSA’s assessment, they are expecting a rough total of 107 million Filipinos who will be applying for the national ID once they open it to the general public next year.  Imagine more than 1 million individuals requesting for copies of their birth certificate?  I cannot!

So to get a head start, I decided to request for copies of mine and my family’s as early as now.  I am doing this because based on my experience, the worst months to request for PSA certificates is between January to June.  The K to 12 program is partly to blame for this because school enrollment got spread out to different months, affecting high school and college applications all over the country.  Parents line up at PSA offices, requesting for their children’s birth certificates from as early as January until classes formally open on August and September.  If the national ID is expected to roll out by the middle of next year, that should triple the lines at PSA offices, of people requesting for copies of their birth certificates.

I’m not doing that.  And neither should you!  I know how you can get a copy of your PSA birth certificate without lining up (or taking a leave from work, or commuting under the heat of the sun, or getting caught in traffic!).

Here’s how:

  1. Order online at

Log on to this site and place your order for birth, marriage, CENOMAR, or death certificate.  The site is user-friendly and will take no more than 10 minutes to finish the entire ordering process.

Make sure you provide a working and accessible email address as well as a mobile number.  You will be given a reference number that you can use to track your order.  In a few days, a courier will deliver your PSA documents right at your doorstep!

What I love about PSAHelpline are the various payment options that they offer —  I think this adds to the convenience and security that I normally look for when shopping online.  I often pay with my credit card, right on the website, but they also have remittance center partners and accredited banks where you can pay over-the-counter.

I live in Manila and in the eight times that I ordered from them, I would always get my documents no more than three days after I made my payment.

They also have a customer service hotline that you can call in case you have questions or would like to make a follow up on your order.


Hotline: 02-737-1111

  1. Facebook Messenger of PSAHelpline

Make sure to like and follow them on Facebook because you can also order through Facebook messenger!

Ordering through this channel is just like chatting with a friend, all you have to do is provide the details just as you would when ordering through the website.  I tried this once when I was on a trip and did not have a laptop with me.  Super convenient and fun!

  1. Call the PSAHelpline hotline

If you are in Metro Manila, just dial 737-1111 and a contact center agent will answer your call. He or she will take your order for you and provide your reference number.  If you are calling from outside Metro Manila just add 02 (737-1111) to be connected.

They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays.

  1. Or you can visit the nearest PSA office

You have to be early though so you can beat the long lines.  I tried this once and realized that it could probably work for people who have a lot of free time on their hands.  It was still a good experience to visit a PSA office; I got some flyers that had FAQs about birth certificate corrections and other important announcements.  I kept those flyers knowing it will come in handy in the future.

My advice?  Choose the option that is most efficient and convenient for you.  But whichever option you choose, I suggest you do it now and not wait until next year.  You never know when the government might change its mind and decide to move the mass registration for national IDs at an earlier date.  It is best that you already have your PSA birth certificate with you now than wait until next year when everyone else decides to get their copies.

Daig ng maagap ang masipag!

See you at the registration centers, friends!


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