List of Prohibited Acts Under the Anti-distracted Walking Ordinance of Baguio City

7 July 10

A few years back, the government tightened its policies against the use of mobile devices while driving (Anti-distracted Driving Act).  Soon, pedestrians in Baguio City will no longer be allowed to use their mobile phones while walking, especially when crossing busy streets and alleys.

What specific acts are prohibited under this ordinance and what penalties and consequences await stubborn residents and tourists?  Read on.

  1. Texting or reading text messages while crossing pedestrian lanes or streets.
  2. Reading any material while crossing a pedestrian lane or street.
  3. Texting or reading while traversing a sidewalk which causes delays in the mobility of other pedestrians and using a mobile device while crossing a pedestrian lane or the street wherein the line of sight is directed or focused to such devices.


  1. First offense:
  • Reprimand
  1. Second offense:
  • P1,000 fine or
  • Community service
  1. Third offense:
  • P2,000 or
  • Community service or
  • A penalty of 1 to 10 days in jail
  1. Fourth offense:
  • P2,500 and community service or
  • Imprisonment of 11 to 30 days.

Who will apprehend offenders?

  • The City Public Order and Safety Division (POSD)
  • Baguio City Police Office-Traffic Management Unit
  • Barangay Police and enforcers

Closed-circuit television (CCTV cameras) will also be used by the authorities in presenting proof of violation.



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