How to File a Complaint at the Manila Online Complaint Desk

7 July 9 (1)

You no longer have to rant in your social media account whenever you have an unpleasant experience anywhere in the city of Manila.  The city government has recently launched its online complaint desk where residents and visitors may file their grievances for prompt attention and proper action.  All they have to do is create a Google account (if you have a Gmail account, that will suffice) and log on to this site:

You need only to provide the required information on the page such as a working email address, your name and contact number, and the details of your complaint.  If you have a photo or a video of the incident or persons involved in the complaint, you may upload these through the page too.

Types of complaints could be:

  1. Reporting a crime
  2. Corruption
  3. Traffic situations
  4. Tourism
  5. Business
  6. Health

If your complaint is not covered by the above categories, you can simply choose Other and provide a detailed description of your complaint.

When you have provided all the relevant information and attachments that will support your complaint, just click the Submit button.

The city government may reach out to you through your provided email and phone number to give you updates on your filed complaint.  And don’t worry, all information you provide through the Google form will be treated as confidential.

The complaint desk is now available to the public.

What can you say about this new project from Manila?  Should other cities implement the same?




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