14th Month Pay For All Private Employees: What We Need To Know

7 July 3

First of all, the act mandating 14th-month pay for Pinoy employees is still undergoing deliberation and has not been approved by Congress yet.  So the news saying that this has been approved already is fake.  So do not believe any post you see online telling you that this is now in effect.

Also, the bill has been pending with the House of Representatives Committee on Labor and Employment since August 15, 2018.  So it isn’t as if it is a brand new idea that the government thought of just now.  In the Senate, the bill has been pending with the committee since July 2016.

In order for the proposal to move ahead, it must be approved by both the House of Representatives and then submitted to the President for his approval.

I personally agree that employees must be granted a 14th -month pay, over and above the annual salary increases, bonuses, and allowances that our employers give us.  According to the government, the 14th-month pay shall help cover mid-year non-negotiable expenses such as tuition fees, hospitalization, home improvements, and the like.  The 13th-month pay is usually dedicated to Christmas expenses and almost never makes it to the first week of January.  And I can totally relate.

The bill states that the 13th-month pay should be given mid-year, not later than June 14th and the 14th month in place of the usual 13th-month pay, not later than December 24th.  The minimum amount must not be less than 1/12th of the basic salary of the employee in a calendar year; all employees that have rendered at least one month of service are entitled to the 14th-month pay.

Are you as excited as I am?

Reference: www.rappler.com


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2 thoughts on “14th Month Pay For All Private Employees: What We Need To Know

  1. I pray to God this 14th month pay bill will passed the soonest time possible. It will be a great financial relief to employees like me who is a solo parent.

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