Why Do We Need A National ID System?

6 June 27

The National ID has been the subject of a lot of reports ever since the President signed this into law last August 2018.  Recently, the government announced that the pilot run for the registration and issuance of the ID shall begin on September 2019, driving some to scamper for copies of the required documents and IDs – foremost of which is your PSA birth certificate.

I agree that this has become a controversial issue as some groups think that having this kind of system will only put an individual’s right to privacy at risk.  What with the proliferation of cases of identity theft and online scams, your personal details could be used without your consent and your privacy be compromised.  I wasn’t comfortable with the idea myself.

Anyhow, I trust that the government understands the pros and cons of the National ID system and I am now one of the many who are looking forward to its full implementation in September.  And so before we finally let the government collect our personal details, here are some important facts, gathered from a report of the Rappler, that we all need to know regarding the National ID:

  1. The PhilSys (Philippine Identification System) is the government’s central identification platform. It is a means to simplify public and private transactions with the use of just one ID.
  2. It is expected to greatly improve the delivery of government services especially for Pinoys who lack proper government-issued identification cards.
  3. It aims to eliminate the need to present other forms of identification when transacting with the government and private sector.
  4. It can open up opportunities especially for the poor and marginalized and will make public service delivery more efficient.
  5. It also aims to reduce corruption and curtail bureaucratic red tape, prevent fraudulent transactions, and ease doing business in the Philippines.

What will I get upon registration?

  • All Filipino citizens and aliens shall register in the system.  Babies born after the law takes effect shall be registered upon birth.
  • Each registered person shall be given a PhilSys number (PSN) that is randomly generated, unique, and permanent.
  • You will be issued a physical identification card that will also serve as an official government-issued identification document.  This can be used in various transactions that may require proof of identification.


Where can I use my PhilID or PSN?

  • Applying for social welfare and benefits.
  • Applying for services offered by the GSIS, SSS, PhilHealth, Pag-IBIG, and other government agencies.
  • Applying for passport and driver’s licenses.
  • Tax-related transactions.
  • Registration and voting identification purposes.
  • Applying for schools, colleges, universities, and other learning institutions.
  • Applying for employment and other related transactions.
  • Opening bank accounts and other transactions with banks and financial institutions.
  • Verifying criminal records and clearances.
  • Other transactions defined in the IRR.

Are you also looking forward to getting your very own National ID? I know I am.  Keep following us for more information on the National ID’s pilot run and if you have questions, feel free to send us a message here or a private message in our Facebook page.

Source: www.rappler.com



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