New Law: Free Internet and Clean Restrooms in Transport Terminals

6 June 21

Good news for commuters, especially those that travel by provincial buses and Ro-Ro boats (in roll-on/roll-off terminals).  The government has recently signed into law, RA 1131, mandating all operators of transport terminals to provide free internet service and clean restroom to passengers.

What is included in this new law?

The newly implemented RA (Republic Act) covers land transportation terminals, stations, stops, rest areas, and roll-on/roll-off terminals.  These can be found along major roads provided with parking space, restaurants or snack bars, restrooms, and waiting sheds for commuters.

These areas must have the following amenities, at no cost to commuters:

  1. Separate restrooms for person with disabilities, male and female passengers.
  2. Set-up at least one lactation station separate from the restrooms.
  3. Restrooms must have:
    1. Safe and adequate water supply
    2. Flush system
    3. Toilet seat with cover
    4. A lavatory with toilet paper, mirror, soap, hand dryer, and door lock.
    5. Waste bin
    6. Exclusive space for diaper-changing.
  4. Free internet access.

These terminals are not allowed to collect fees from passengers, however, the passengers may be required to show their paid tickets to prove that they are indeed traveling through the terminal’s transportation.

Owners and operators of terminals who will be proven to be violating this law will be fined P5,000 for each day of the infraction.

Read more about it here:


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