Airport Fees You Need to Know

5 May 27

It was in 2006 when I first traveled by plane; I went with a couple of friends to Hong Kong on a do-it-yourself type of tour because we thought it was cheaper and we had the freedom to go to all the places we wanted to see.  However, this also meant that we did not have a tour coordinator that would guide us on the stuff we need to prepare for the trip.  Sure, we have our tickets, our passports, our pocket money, and luggage.  But since it was our first time to travel abroad, none of us had any idea about the fees that need to be paid apart from our airfare.

None of us knew about travel taxes and airport fees so you can just imagine our shock when we were asked to prepare cash after we checked in our luggage.  The fees were not insignificant, mind you.  It shaved off a considerable amount from my pocket money – it would have been enough to cover a full day’s meal in Hong Kong.

So to help you avoid experiencing the same, I am sharing with you the different fees and taxes that you need to pay at the airport.  This is most helpful for first-time travelers and those who are not covered by a booked tour and are traveling on their own.  Take note that if you booked your trip with a travel agency, chances are your airport fees and travel taxes are already covered by your package.  Make sure you clarify this with your agency before you finalize your booking.

These were lifted from a feature report of ABS-CBN:

  1. Philippine Travel Tax

This is a fee imposed by the government for all individuals leaving the country.  Below are the different rates depending on your airline booking:

  • Economy class – P1,620
  • First class – P2,700
  • Dependents of OFW – P300 to P400.
  1. Airport Terminal Fee

Otherwise known as the Philippine Passenger Service Charge and is applicable to both international and domestic flights.  This fee is collected after you have checked-in with your airline or right before you board:

  1. Airport Fees on Domestic Terminals

Even when you are traveling within the country only, domestic terminals may still charge you some fees.  These range from P100 to P200 so make sure you have loose bills available for this.



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