When Can I Get the Corrected Copy of my Birth Certificate?

5 May 21

Now that we know the different types of birth certificate errors and how we can have these corrected, the next question we need to answer is when will the amended copies of the birth certificate be made available? 

This is important information that we all need to know, especially since Pinoys only attend to matters such as birth certificate corrections when a bigger concern is at hand.  For example, you are applying for an overseas job and therefore, you need a passport.  However, you could not secure a passport because there is an error in your birth certificate (such as the spelling of your name, incorrect gender, birth date, or birthplace.).  So you proceed to the LCR of your birthplace to have the error corrected, hoping that you can get it done in a jiffy.

Jiffy is not possible when correcting entry in a birth certificate.  It takes time to apply the corrections and has an amended copy of the document available for the owner’s use.

We did research on how long a birth certificate is corrected and we found out that the timeline actually depends on the type of correction involved.  Needless to say, if your birth certificate required a court proceeding, it would take so much longer than expected.

Below is the list:

  1. Administrative Correction:
  1. Supplemental Report – 1 month
  2. Change of first name – 4 to 7 months
  3. Change of Gender/Correction of Birthday or birth month – 4 to 7 months
  1. Correction of Clerical Error

All cases under correction of clerical error are processed within 2 to 5 months.

  1. Judicial Correction

Cases under judicial correction are expected to be significantly longer; these could go on from one to one and a half years or even longer, depending on how complicated the case is.








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8 thoughts on “When Can I Get the Corrected Copy of my Birth Certificate?

  1. Ma’am/Sir Ano po gagawin namin? Nalaman po namin na mali yong last name ng papa namin sa PSA Birtcertificate. Nagkaroon po ng interchange between middle initial and last name. Need po ba ng affidavit for filling a petition to LCR? Maliban po sa affidavit if indeed ano ano pa po mga requirements na kakailanganin?

    1. Pwedeng i-correct ito by filing a petition for correction of clerical error under the provisions of RA 9048. Mag inquire po kayo sa LCR for the complete list of requirements and fees to be paid.

  2. Tama poang middle initial ko ang concern lo po mali po yung middle initial ng tatay ko sa birth vertifecate ko ang nakalagay po dun e S dapat daw po ay O anu po pwd kong gawin para maiatama po yun salamat po

    1. Hi Percy,

      Pwede kayong mag inquire sa LCR (or munisipyo) kung pwedeng petition for correction of clerical error yung gagawin para mapalitan yung middle initial ng father mo sa bc mo. Mag prepare kayo ng copy ng bc ng father mo kasi yun ang gagamitin na basis for the correction.


  3. Mali po spelling ng middle name “Salsis” na ang dapat ay “Salces”. Isa sa mga requirements na hinihingi ay birth certificate ng nanay bilang patunay na Salces dapat ang middle name ng bata. Ang problema po walang record o birth certificate ang nanay at namatay na rin… ano po ang dapat gawin para maiayos ng madalian ang spelling ng Middle name?,

    1. Hi Rowena,

      Sadly, ang birth records lang ng nanay ang maaaring pag basehan ng tamang spelling ng middle name ng mga bata.

      Subukan ninyong manghingi ng option sa LCR kung pwedeng ung birth records ng kapatid ng kanilang nanay ang gawing basehan.


    1. Hi Jaybee,

      Here is what you need to do:

      1. Petition shall be in the form of an affidavit, subscribed and sworn to before an authorized notary public (someone authorized by law to administer oaths, particular erroneous entries that need to be corrected).

      2. The petition must be supported by the following:
      a. A certified true machine copy of the certificate of the page of the registry book containing the entry sought to be corrected;
      b. At least two public or private documents showing the correct entry upon which the correction or change shall be based;
      c. Other documents that may be required by the LCR.

      3. Other documents that the petitioner needs to attach are:
      a. Earliest school records
      b. Medical records
      c. Baptismal certificate
      d. Medical certificate issued by an accredited government physician to prove that you have not undergone sex change or sex transplant.

      4. Expect additional document requirements as may be found necessary.

      Hope this helps.


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