National ID for Children Below 5 Years Old

5 May 15 B

Children must be issued their very own National IDs as well.  Most parents may ask how soon after a child is born, can he be registered and listed as an owner of a National ID?

Here are the guidelines set by the PSA for the national ID registration of children:

  1. Children below five years old shall be collected their demographic information and front-facing photograph. No biometric details will be collected yet.
  2. The PhilSys Number (PSN) of a child below 5 years old shall be linked to that of his or her parents’ or guardian.
  3. Children aged five to 14 years old shall be collected their biometric information upon registration. This will be recaptured once they reach 15 years of age.

Children must be accompanied by their parents or guardians during registration and bring a copy of the child’s PSA birth certificate.

Source: (pdf copy of the PhilSys IRR)




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