5 May 3 c (1)

If your gender in your birth certificate is incorrect, you can have it corrected under RA No. 10172.  The petitioner must personally file the petition with the local civil registry (LCR) office where his birth certificate is registered.

Below is the list of documentary requirements you need to prepare when filing for such correction, as lifted from the website of the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA):

  1. Earliest school record or earliest school documents.
  2. Medical records
  3. Baptismal certificate and other documents issued by religious authorities.
  4. A clearance or a certification that the owner of the document has no pending administrative, civil, or criminal case, or no criminal record, which shall be obtained from the following:
    1. Employer, if employed;
    2. National Bureau of Investigation; and
    3. Philippine National Police.
  5. The petition for the correction of sex and day and/or month in the date of birth shall include the affidavit of publication from the publisher and a copy of the newspaper clipping; and
  6. In case of correction of sex, the petition shall be supported with a medical certification issued by an accredited government physician that the petitioner has not undergone a sex change or sex transplant.

Are there fees to be paid?

The LCR is hereby authorized to collect from the petitioner Php 3,000 as the fee to correct the gender reflected in the birth certificate.

Indigent petitioners are exempted from paying the said fee, provided that the petition is supported by a certification from the city/municipal Social Welfare Office that the petitioner/document owner is indigent.

If the petition is filed with the Consul General, the filing fee is 150 USD or its equivalent value in local currency.

In the case of a migrant petition, there shall be a service fee of Php 1,000 to be collected by the PRCR.

Source: www.psa.gov.ph