Which Type of Birth Certificate Correction Do You Need?

4 Apr 24

There are two types of errors that can happen to your birth certificate: one that can be corrected by filing a petition for correction, and one that requires legal proceedings and court hearings.  We summarized the different types of birth certificate errors and how these can be corrected.  Read on.

Administrative Correction

Always remember that all the entries in your birth certificate are transcribed by human hands.  The document may have been accomplished by your parents, a nurse at the hospital where you were born, the midwife that assisted during your mother’s delivery, or any one of your relatives.  Upon registration, a staff at the Local Civil Registry office will again transcribe your details to create your birth certificate; during which, typographical errors and misspellings are likely to be committed.  These are considered clerical errors and are not done intentionally.

These types of errors may cause delays in your transactions and applications but the good news is, it can be fixed without much expense and without the need for a lawyer’s services.

Here are the different types of corrections that fall under Administrative Corrections:

  1. Change of First Name
  • First name being used is different from the first name on the birth certificate.
  • The first name on the birth certificate is written as “Baby Boy”, “Baby Girl”, “Boy”, or “Girl” and the child was born 1993 onwards.
  1. Wrong Gender or Wrong Day or Month of Birth
  • Date of birth (day or month) is wrong.
  • The wrong gender is checked.
  1. Clerical Error Correction
  • Blurred name (first, middle, or last name)
  • Mother’s last name is wrong while the child’s middle name is correct.
  • Child’s middle name is wrong while the mother’s last name is correct.
  • Wrong spelling of the name (first, middle, or last name).
  • Middle and last names have been interchanged.
  • Middle initial entered instead of the full surname.
  • The wrong gender is checked.
  1. Supplemental Report
  • No first name, middle name, or last name (if legitimate).
  • No middle name (if illegitimate and acknowledged by the father).
  • The first name on the birth certificate is written as “Baby Boy”, “Baby Girl”, “Boy”, or “Girl” and the child was born before 1993.
  • No check mark for gender/there are check marks for both genders.
  • The illegitimate child wants to use the father’s surname.  Take note that this correction only involves the surname.  Changing status to legitimate or illegitimate requires court order/proceeding.

Judicial Correction

These types of corrections cannot be processed by the birth certificate owner on his own and therefore must undergo judicial proceedings.

Below are the requirements for judicial correction:

  • Documents containing information or entries pertinent to your case.  The documentary requirements you will submit depends on the correction you are requesting and will be subject to evaluation once you file your case with the Regional Trial Court (RTC).
  • Prepare to pay court fees which is the sum total of the initial filing, sheriff’s, photocopying, postage, and notarization fees.  You also need to prepare your pocket for additional fees such as newspaper fees for the mandatory 3-week publication requirement, lawyer’s professional fees, pleading fees, and court appearance fees.

Reference: https://filipiknow.net/birth-certificate-correction/?fbclid=IwAR14os3EPdWocgLOXrbvNr0ohDwIpP8_QFbdbIhTGq5EBZ4_3Yt78Pmx3kM



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15 thoughts on “Which Type of Birth Certificate Correction Do You Need?

  1. Paano po ggawin ko pa change ng date of marriage namin nkalagay jc sa birth crtificate ng anak ko is sept pro ang registered date of marriage namin is aug.ano kaya ggawin ko.pls pa help nman po.salamat

    1. mag inquire po kayo sa munisipyo kung pwedeng petition of correction of clerical error ang gawin sa case ninyo. pero normally po kasi, kapag date ang babaguhin sa birth or marriage or death certificate, dumadaan po sa court hearing ang mga ganyan. kaya mainam po na sa munisipyo kayo mismo mag tanong.

  2. Un pong sa friend ko walang 1st name tas un surname nya 3 letters lang po ang naisulat. Nag ask na kmi ng help.sa.lSR Ang daming requirements. Sabi po pwede na un mc ng parents nag provide na kmi tas hinhingian na nman kami ng bc. Ng father nya eh wala dn pong record sa psa kahit po sa lsr ng pangasinan walang copy.. Matagal na pong patay ang father up to now d nya maayos ayos ang bc nya. Any suggestion po kung ano ang gagawin pa nmen. Khit po d.c walang copy sa psa . Thanks po . God bless

    1. Hi Nerie,

      Sabihin niyo na sa LCR ang sitwasyon na walang documetns ang father niya at patay na ito. Tanungin ninyo kung may iba pang documents na pwede ninyong i-present maliban sa birth certificate ng father niya.

      Baka pwede ang birth certificate ng mga kapatid ng father niya — kung basehan lang ng surname ang kailangan.


  3. ano po dapat gawin ko kasi yung birth cert ng anak ko which is 1 year old na ang fathers name na yung Jr. ay nailagay sa first name na hindi nag coincide sa original name ng father sa birth cert na “Sonny Robles Jr.” na ang Jr. ay originally located sa last name. alin po dapat ang babaguhin? is this subject for correction of error? pls. help

  4. Ask lng po papanu gagawin kc ung birth certificate ng anak Kng panganay ay mali kulang ung first name at wala po xang surname anu po b pinakamadaling gawin pra maayos ung bc nya

    1. Hi Amalia,

      PSA copy ba iyong may errors? (Kulang ang first name, walang last name). Kung PSA copy yang hawak mo, subukan mo munang mag tanong sa munisipyo kung saan siya naka rehistro kung meron silang ibang copy ng birth certificate.

      Kung meron, i-request mo na ipa-authenticate yung tamang copy sa PSA.

      Kung wala at talagang mali ang entries sa birth certificate ng bata, mag inquire kayo sa LCR kung pwedeng Petition for Correction of Clerical Error ang gamitin para ma-correct ang errors.

      Pero dahil may problema din sa last name ng bata, baka kailangan ninyong mag consult din sa lawyer. But just to be sure, mag tanong muna kayo sa munisipyo.


  5. May isang letter po s middle name q n mali..ngpunta n po ako mismo kung sn ako pinarehistro ang problema po wla pong nkpwesto nkakaso po kasi.. Pno n po gagawin ko eh npakatagal n pong wlang npwesto s civil registrar ng romblon..

    1. Hi Jessica,

      Baka pwede mong i-report sa provincial capitol or office of the mayor ang problem sa LCR ng Romblon. Or ask the LCR kung sino ang pwedeng mag handle ng issue mo since ang person in charge is not available.


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