5 Reasons Why You Still Need to Bring your PSA Birth Certificate to the DFA

4 Apr 8

The DFA has recently announced that PSA birth certificates are no longer required when renewing your old passport.  While this is true, there are still special cases when you will still be asked to submit a copy of your birth certificate.

We summarized the list from DFA and are sharing it in today’s blog, for your quick reference:

  1. First-time passport applications.

One of the core requirements for FIRST-TIME passport applicants is an original copy of his or her PSA-authenticated Birth Certificate on Security Paper.  If you are a married female and you wish to use your husband’s last name in your passport, you also need to bring a copy of your PSA-authenticated Marriage Certificate.

  1. Lost or mutilated passports.
  1. Lost and VALID ePassport
  2. Lost and EXPIRED ePassport
  3. Mutilated Passport

These cases are treated as new passport application.  You need to bring a copy of your PSA birth certificate IF YOU COULD NOT PRODUCE A PHOTOCOPY OF YOUR LAST ISSUED PASSPORT.  But if you have a photocopy of your passport, you no longer need to bring your birth certificate.

  1. Applicants in the DFA watchlist.

This was included in the Bulletin released by the DFA in their website last January 15, 2019.

A person under the DFA watchlist will still be required to present a copy of his PSA birth certificate for reasons reserved to the agency.

  1. Renewal of old brown and green passports bearing no complete middle name.

This is a rare occurrence but it still happens to some passport holders.  If the DFA finds that your middle name may be incomplete, misspelled, or missing, you will be required to submit a copy of your PSA birth certificate to serve as a reference of your correct middle name.

  1. Renewals requiring changes in personal information.

Any change in your personal information that you wish to be applied upon the renewal of your passports, such as your last name or middle name, will have to be supported by a copy of your PSA birth certificate or marriage certificate.

The list was lifted from the Department of Foreign Affairs’ website and Facebook page.







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