Advisory for Filipinos Travelling Overseas

3 Mar 25 (1)

Whether you are traveling for leisure, business, or employment, you must always exercise caution and vigilance for your safety and security.  The Department of Foreign Affairs released a list of reminders for every Pinoy to remember when traveling abroad, especially first-time travelers or those who are visiting a country for the first time.  We are also including a quick review on how to get a new passport in case you lose your passport while abroad.

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  1. Be mindful of and respect local laws and regulations;
  2. Always keep alert in crowded areas such as popular tourist spots, airports, bus, train, and metro stations, markets and shopping areas, large sports and concert venues, and onboard public transportation, among others, where petty criminals tend to congregate;
  3. Be wary of con artists who use a variety of tactics to distract tourists while accomplices gain access to one’s personal items;
  4. Be careful of one’s belongings.  Never leave items that may easily be picked up, such as wallets, mobile phones, and cameras, unattended.  Always keep these close to you, especially in crowded areas;
  5. As much as possible, distribute your cash, credit cards, important documents, and other valuables in separate compartments in your bag; and
  6. Keep both hard and electronic copies of your passport, IDs, credit cards, and important documents handy while on travel.
  7. When traveling with children, never ever let them wander off alone.  Never leave them unattended even when you feel that the area is safe and guarded.
  8. Always take photos of your children to take note of the clothes they are wearing before you leave the hotel or go out for the day.

I lost my passport abroad!

Filipinos whose passports get lost or stolen should immediately secure a Police Report and contact the nearest Philippine Embassy or Consulate for assistance.  The Embassy or Consulate can help Filipinos who lose their passports by issuing a travel document that will allow travel back to the Philippines.

For a more detailed article on how to get a passport or travel document while abroad, please visit this blog we released in the past.




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