National ID Registration Begins In September

3 Mar 15a

It’s ‘all systems go’ for the national ID system by September 2019, as announced by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) this week.  The government is targeting about six million individuals to be registered to the national ID system, kicking off the distribution of about 100 million ID cards to all Filipino citizens and resident aliens by 2022.

Who are first in line for the National ID system?

According to the PSA Deputy National Statistician, the following shall get first dibs on national ID registration and ownership:

  • Indigents
  • People with Disabilities (PWD)
  • Government workers in several key areas all over the country.

What information will be gathered from the registrants?

  • Biometrics (thumbprint, iris and face scanning)
  • Full name
  • Gender
  • Date and place of birth
  • Blood type
  • Address
  • Citizenship (as the National ID is also open for resident aliens)

The registrants have the option to give out their marital status, mobile numbers, and email addresses.

How soon can the registrants receive the IDs and is there a fee to be paid?

The registration is free of charge, except when the owner loses the card and wishes to be issued a new one.  After the registration, the person will be issued a permanent ID number and will be advised to wait a few days for the actual ID card.

A primary requirement when applying for your National ID is your PSA birth certificate. Make sure you have a copy printed on the PSA’s Security Paper (SECPA) as early as now.


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