How Will You Benefit From The Universal Health Care Law?

2 Feb 23

Last week, the President signed into law the bill that intends to automatically enroll every Filipino in the National Health Insurance Program or Republic Act No. 11223.  The program will be handled by the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation or PhilHealth.

What can Filipinos look forward to with the new health law?

Every Pinoy is now considered to possess immediate eligibility and therefore, must have access to all aspects of health care including:

  1. Preventive Health Care:
    1. Wellness visits and standard immunizations
    2. Screenings for blood pressure, cancer, cholesterol, depression, obesity.
    3. Pediatric screenings for hearing, vision, and developmental disorders.
    4. Other similar procedures.
  2. Promotive Health Care
    1. Child and family nutrition
    2. Injury prevention
    3. Physical activities
    4. Smoking cessation programs
    5. Other similar procedures.
  3. Curative Health Care
    1. Chemotherapy
    2. Antibiotics
    3. Radiation therapy
    4. Dialysis treatment
    5. Surgeries
  4. Rehabilitative Health Care
    1. Physical and occupational therapy
    2. Speech-language pathology
    3. Psychiatric rehabilitation services
    4. Other similar procedures.
  5. Palliative Health Care
    1. For patients with chronic diseases and need oxygen support.
    2. End-stage heart failure
    3. Debilitating stroke
    4. Cancer that has spread beyond the original tumor/site.
    5. End-stage liver failure, kidney failure, or multi-system organ failure.
    6. End-stage HIV/AIDS that does not respond to anti-viral treatments.
    7. Other similar cases.
  6. Medical, dental, mental, and emergency health services

Patients needing such medical assistance (or any other type of assistance not mentioned above) would be registered with a primary health care provider of their choice and will be included in PhilHealth’s primary care benefits package.

In order for PhilHealth to sustain the demand for quality health care under the new law, membership rates will gradually increase by .5% annually.  This, too, shall cause income ceilings for contributions to go up by Php 10,000 per year.  Contributory members can look forward to getting more benefits as their premiums increase to encourage the able members to pay higher premiums.

What are your thoughts on the Universal Health Care law?  We’d be glad to know.



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