How To Apply for a Pag-IBIG Multi-purpose Loan

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Last January 18, I personally filed my application for a Pag-IBIG Multi-purpose Loan (or salary loan) at the Pag-IBIG office in Intramuros, Manila.  This is actually the third time I renewed my loan but decided to write about it only now because of the significant improvement in speed and efficiency I experienced at this particular branch.  I was so happy and satisfied that I even took pictures of their newly refurbished office!

I hope today’s article could help you better prepare for your trip to a Pag-IBIG office.

What to do BEFORE going to Pag-IBIG:

  1. The first thing I did was ask for a Multi-purpose Loan Form from our office (it could be at your HR or finance department). I filled out the form and had two of my colleagues sign as witnesses (or co-makers). After that, I submitted it back to the head of our Finance Department for their verification and signature.

You can also download and print a copy of the form here.

  1. I was advised by our Finance Department to prepare a photocopy of the following before going to Pag-IBIG:
  • Front and back photocopies of 2 valid IDs (I photocopied my PhilHealth insurance card and my company ID)’
  • Photocopy of one-month pay slip (I used my December 2018 – always use the latest pay slip.)
  1. Bring the same IDs with you when you go to Pag-IBIG just in case they ask you to present it for verification. Make sure that your photocopies are clear and readable.

What to do DURING the application at Pag-IBIG:

  1. Upon entering the Pag-IBIG office, the lady at the receiving desk will ask you what is the purpose of your visit and check your documents. If your papers are complete, she will give you a number and will direct you to the counter that is processing your application. If your documents are incomplete, she will give you a list and will advise you to come back as soon as you have all the requirements ready.  In my case, I was given a number and was advised to proceed to counter 6.
  2. I only had to wait for about 10 minutes for my number to be called. In fact, way before it was my turn, the gentleman at the counter already asked for my documents and lined it up with the rest. When he called my number (D78), he checked that all my documents are accurately filled out and signed and then asked me to do the following:
  • Make 2 more photocopies of my IDs
  • Make 2 more photocopies of my payslip
  • Sign all photocopied sheets and submit all to him.
  1. When I headed back to his desk with the fresh prints, he reviewed my account in his computer. That was when I was able to take a peek at his screen and saw the total proceeds of my new loan. Remember, this is a loan renewal and I still had a few more months in my account before my previous loan is fully paid up.  Pag-IBIG allows loan renewal after six months of amortizing your first loan.
  2. He then handed me my Landbank ATM and told me to get a new number for the “Check Releasing” counter so I can get my card’s PIN. I said I already had the Citibank cash card (from my previous multi-purpose loans); he said that Pag-IBIG has since changed its partner bank for loan disbursement and now uses Landbank.
  3. I went back to the lady by the entrance of the building and asked for a new queuing number for the Check Releasing counter. When my number was called (which was no more than 5 minutes later), the lady at the Check Releasing counter told me to wait for 3 to 5 working days for the approval of my loan and the proceeds to be credited to my Landbank cash card.  She then advised me to carefully tear open the slip containing my card’s PIN and to change it as soon as I find a Landbank ATM.

That was the last process I had to go through.  I arrived at the Pag-IBIG office at 9:47AM and was done with my application by 10:27AM.  I was able to complete my errand in less than an hour on a Friday morning!  Now that’s pretty impressive, as far as transacting with government offices go.

What to do AFTER submitting your loan application:

Basically, all I had to do was wait for the third business day from the day I got my cash card.  Since I submitted my loan application on a Friday, I expected to be able to access my card on Wednesday of the following week.

I tried checking my balance on Wednesday morning (January 23) but I used a BDO ATM (the only one that is nearest to our office).  Sadly, I got a prompt that said: “Could not access card”, or something to that effect.  I waited a bit more and by lunchtime, I received a text message from PagIBIGFund telling me that my MPL application has been approved.  The message included the net proceeds of my loan and the amount of my monthly amortization and when it will start.

I immediately proceeded to a Landbank ATM to withdraw the cash.  It was only then that I realized the reason why I could not access the card from any other ATM: I had to change the PIN as it was the first time I was going to use it.

I did and then was able to check the actual contents of my account.  And so using my new PIN, I was able to withdraw my loan’s proceeds!  Exactly on the third business day after I submitted my loan application!

Based on the text message I received, I am to begin paying for my loan on April 15, 2019.  That means that my January to March pay slips will reflect that I have already paid up my previous Pag-IBIG salary loan (so expect to see a slightly higher amount in my ATM until before April).  Since this is a salary loan, I leave it up to our Finance department to process the necessary deductions and remittance to Pag-IBIG.

Easy does it, huh?  Below are the actual photos I took during my loan application.  Sorry, I am truly not a very good photographer.



This is the main entrance of the Pag-IBIG office in Intramuros.  Their address is: Postigo Street, Intramuros, Manila.  It is a stone’s throw away from the COMELEC headquarters.



This is basically how the waiting area looks like now; no more long lines of people waiting for their numbers to be called, nor monobloc chairs that were really uncomfortable if you have to sit for long hours.  The room is well-lit and air-conditioned; you really would not mind waiting as it was truly comfortable inside.


multi-purpose loan application

This was one of the three counters dedicated to assisting and processing applications for MPL (multi-purpose loans).  I was assigned to counter 7 though.


While I was waiting for my number to be called at the “Check Releasing” desk (this was the last step of the MPL application where I will be given my card’s PIN), I took a picture of the counters right beside me.  These are new counters built for members who are making voluntary contributions and other payments for the Pag-IBIG memberships and loans.  See how organized and roomy it is now?


And here is a photo I took right before I was called for my PIN.  The lady behind that counter happily accommodated my last-minute questions about my loan.

Overall, my experience at the “newly refurbished” office of the Pag-IBIG in Intramuros was remarkable.  I remember visiting this same office in December 2017 and we had to spend the whole day there just to file our MPLs.  It was humid inside and people were grabbing on to chairs as there were not enough available to accommodate the crowd.  The scenario last January 18 was a far cry from my 2017 visit and I am truly impressed.

If you have any questions about Pag-IBIG, you may call their hotline at 02-724-4244.  They are available 24×7.




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