How to Avail Paternity Benefits in the Philippines

Oct 9

We are all familiar with maternity leave but not everyone may be well-versed with paternity leave and benefits.  Some of my guy friends are not even aware that there is such a thing.  So today’s blog will be all about the paternity leave and other benefits that soon-to-be fathers can take advantage of.

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Maternity Benefits vs. Paternity Benefits

Apart from the fact that maternity only applies to women and paternity, to men, it is also good to know that maternity benefits are honored by the PhilHealth and the Social Security System.  This means that a female member of the PhilHealth and SSS is entitled to certain benefits (leaves and monetary) during and after their pregnancy.  The said government agencies do not have such benefits and privileges reserved for soon-to-be fathers.

What is Paternity Leave?

Philippine laws dictate that male employees shall be allowed a maximum of seven days of paternity leave with full pay.  This includes the employee’s basic salary, monetary benefits, and COLA; this applies to both private and government male employees.

Is the Paternity Leave convertible to cash?

Although the paternity leave is essentially paid because the employee is entitled to all the wages due him for the days that he is on leave, it is not convertible to cash. This means that if the male employee does not apply for a paternity leave in a year, he could not claim that in cash at the end of the year (unlike other types of leaves such as vacation or sick leaves).

What are the eligibilities to avail the paternity leave?

  1. The male employee must have a wife who is pregnant, has given birth, or had a recent miscarriage.
  2. He must be employed at the time of the childbirth (or miscarriage).
  3. The pregnancy or miscarriage has not happened more than four times.
  4. The male employee must be married to his wife and they live in the same address.  Some employers may require you to submit a copy of your marriage certificate.
  5. The male employee must have reported his wife’s pregnancy to his employer, including the expected date of delivery.

When can a male employee apply for paternity leave?

  1. A male employee can claim the paternity benefit before, during, and after his wife’s pregnancy.
  2. He can take one whole week off from work, or seven consecutive days.  He also has the option to take several days off on different dates as long as it does not exceed the 7 days allowable period and all leaves are applied within 60 days after the child’s birth.

Your office may require documentary evidence of your wife’s pregnancy, including copies of her ultrasound and medical records that will prove her pregnancy.  After giving birth, you may be required to submit a copy of your child’s birth certificate as well.  In cases when the pregnancy is unsuccessful (miscarriage), the father may still be required to provide medical proof or a death certificate.  It is best to have these documents processed and made ready at the soonest possible time.

If you have more questions about paternity leaves in the Philippines, drop us a line and we will try our best to find the best answers for you.


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2 thoughts on “How to Avail Paternity Benefits in the Philippines

  1. Ask ko lng about paternity benefits? Kung ang bata nmn ay nakaapelyido sa knya di pb pasok yun pr sa tinatawag n paternity benefit? Is itnecessary n dapat eh kasal tlg? Eh kungsa maternity benefit nmn ay di necessary kung kasal or not? Ty

    1. Hi Analiza,

      Ang primary requirement for ‘paternity’ to apply to a male employee. dapat kasal siya.

      Ang benefits rin lang naman ay leave credits or privileges. I don’t think may monetary benefits ang ‘paternity’. So it’s basically a privilege. And in order to obtain a privilege, you need to qualify.


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