If the Parents are Not Married, Whose Surname Does the Baby Use?

July 10

I always thought that if a child is born out of wedlock, the baby automatically carries its mother’s maiden last name (while his middle name is left blank, otherwise, the baby and the mom will appear to be siblings).  Only when the baby’s parents marry will the child have the legal right to adopt the father’s last name.

Apparently, this is not always the case.  Some children are able to carry their father’s last name on their birth certificate even if their parents are not yet married.

How is this possible?

Citizen Services’ Bright Baby has the answer. Click this link!

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2 thoughts on “If the Parents are Not Married, Whose Surname Does the Baby Use?

    1. May mga bansa lang na hindi pumapayag magpapasok ng mga taong walang middle name (tulad ng Middle East).

      Pero sa DFA, kung ano naman ang nakalagay sa birth certificate mo, yun ang sinusunod nila sa passport mo. So walang problema kung wala kang M.I. o middle name sa birth certificate mo.


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